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It’s a terribly kept secret that there’s too much good TV to watch; for every series you manage to finish watching, there’s two more already queued up and ready to binge. It’s an embarrassment of riches, as in you’re embarrassed when people ask you if you’ve seen the hot new show and you’re forced to answer “no” because, hey, there are only so many hours in a day… That’s what you need semi-professional critics for. In reviewing the last 12 months, and looking at the plethora of sci-fi, superhero, horror, and other genre TV shows, we’ve paired it all down to a Top 10. Here, in our humble estimation, are the Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2016! (more…)

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Who would have guessed that when Mr. Reese and Mr. Finch met by the river five years ago that it would have started an epic emotional journey. Primarily, that emotion is anger, because how could CBS burn off and cast away what maybe the most prescient and compelling genre show on network TV since The X-Files? But let’s not be bitter. The end of Person of Interest was as much an occasion to be celebrated as it was to be lamented, as the journey of the Machine came to an end with one last all-out attack against Samaritan. Who survived and what was left of them, and is there still a possibility of a spin-off?  (more…)


In most series, there’s a “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment, a point when a character wonders if their friends, family and neighbours might have been better off by their absence: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air did it, Buffy the Vampire Slayer did, heck even Doctor Who did it. The trick is nuance, does the character in question being missing from their own life result in an unyielding hellscape where evil wins, like what George Bailey saw, or does it mean everyone’s life is bright and shiny? The Dallas series finale was all about the Devil showing J.R. that every would have been much better off by his being missing their lives. So what was the Person of Interest It’s a Wonderful Life” going to show us? (more…)


“Synecdoche” is a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa, like when a sportscaster says “New York won!” when they really mean “the New York Yankees won!” This grammar lesson is brought to you by this week’s Person of Interest, which sneakily in its title suggested that Team Machine is part of a whole effort, and not alone in the fight to bring balance to the scales of universal justice. In the wake of last week’s sudden death, the show dealt with the loss with humour and pathos, and it dared to show that there’s still hope for our heroes even if they don’t know it. Synecdoche. (more…)


I remember having a conversation with a friend once about Shrek and the real moral of the story. According to my friend, the moral wasn’t that you have to look beneath the surface to find the good in someone, the moral was that it’s okay to love ugly people so long as you’re ugly too. You’ve got to be asking yourself why I told you that story. It comes from following along the debate for about half-an-hour after the conclusion of Tuesday night’s Person of Interest, and a certain trope that’s become a little common on TV lately this spring. While I can’t deny it’s been a trend, I also think there’s no denying that was still a powerful episode of POI(more…)


“Sotto Voce.” In Italian, it literally means “under voice,” the intentionally lowering of one’s voice for emphasis. Of course, the emphasis in this episode was on “The Voice” a cunning, criminal mastermind that Team Machine first crossed in season 3’s “Last Call.” It’s rare that the team let’s one get by them, so the chance to tie up this loose end seemed tantalizing, or at least just as tantalizing as the idea of forcing Reese and Fusco to make up by reenacting Assault on Precinct 13. But really, it felt like the last grasp of the old Person of Interest, just the number, no Samaritan nonsense, and a happy reunion for the gang before the final four. (more…)


If it wasn’t insulting enough that CBS is burning off the final season of Person of Interest, and doing it for the puerile economic reason that they don’t own the show, and if it wasn’t bad enough that they showing two episodes a week, they tripled the insult this week by having back-to-back episodes of Tuesday night. I realize that this is the age of binging, and watching a season of show in such quick succession is not unusual at all, but these two episodes could have benefited from some space because not only are they highly consequential, but they put us in a mood to just jump right to the next episode. And now we have to wait until Monday again. (more…)


In Monday night’s Person of Interest, the series proved that even when it’s under the gun of an ambiguous future with a limited run of 13 episodes and while dealing with topical and serious techno-drama, it can still kick back and have a lot of fun too. In the spirit of episodes like “Bury the Lede”, “Booked Solid”, and “Most Likely To…”, Person of Interest once again skated the fine line of action, drama and farce as Team Machine gets dressed up for a wedding out of town. Despite the stakes of saving a number that may or may not be the bride and/or groom, this wedding was an uproarious, enjoyable affair which is the complete opposite of most weddings. (more…)


We were promised a “twist” on Tuesday night’s episode of Person of Interest, but I have to say that it wasn’t much of a twist in the end. That, combined with a standard “number of the week” scenario, it felt like “Shotseeker” was a straightforward, old school episode of POI, but at the same time, I have to wonder what the potential implications are going forward. This may have felt like your run of the mill Person of Interest, but there may be longer term facets to explore including missing people, Fusco’s curiosity, and the growing sense that the war against Samaritan is a suicide mission.  (more…)


It was a moment long anticipated by fans. Actually, it was a lot of moments long awaited by fans. The big one though had to be the return of Sarah Shahi to Person of Interest this week as Sameen Shaw re-emerged from being a captive of Samaritan to getting back into the fight against the evil A.I. But what should have been an occasion for celebration had a veneer of suspicion as Shaw struggled against some kind of post-traumic stress from nine months of torture? Attempted reprogramming? Hours and hours of Mario Kart? Call me gullible, but this one had me guess right up to the end.  (more…)