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The original “Six Million Dollar Man” was based on the book “Cyborg” by Martin Caidin, and starred Lee Majors as Austin, running for five seasons on ABC from 1974-1978 and spawning merchandise as well as the spin-off show “The Bionic Woman.” The powers that be have been trying to put together a Six Million Dollar Man movie for quite some time. Kevin Smith wrote a script for it back in the 90’s which he later turned into a comic book series The Bionic Man. The movie idea returned to the shelve until 2011 when Brian Singer and Leonardo DeCaprio were said to be in talks to direct and star, but as was the case before, no one could get the Six Million Dollar Man movie off the operating table.

Until now. (more…)

There have been awesome movies based off video and board games over the years, but with the scars of Peter Berg’s Battleship still fresh in our minds the record has kind of slipped. That hasn’t stopped studios from making movies based on games with no adherent plot.

So Universal has decided to beat their dead horse of ideas once again, going back to the well to try and bring early ’80s arcade game Asteroids to the theaters. At one time Roland Emmerich was the potential director with  screenwriters Matt Lopez and Evan Spiliotopoulos set to write. Now Universal has hired Jez Butterworth, the playwright who co-wrote Doug Liman’s Fair Game, to take over where Lopez and Spiliotopoulos left off.

The studio still has nobody announced to direct in place of Emmerich, but what about the story? The game itself was all about shooting floating rocks until they got smaller AND SHOOTING THEM AGAIN! The fact that Universal was able to turn a game about naming coordinates on a board into a “blockbuster” still astounds and frightens me.

Universal should just hire Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, give the ship a fraking drill and call it a franchise.

Source: Variety

Known as one of not only the greatest comic book movies, but also one of the best narravtives of all time, The Dark Knight raised the standards for action movies all around. One of the first comic book movies to make $1 billion at the box office, the Christopher Nolan feature was surrounded with praise for its direction and its visual effects, and even more so for the final performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker.

In anticipation of the final film in Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, Empire Magazine sat down with some of the biggest names in Hollywood to talk about the cultural and inspirational significance of Dark Knight. From Marvel Studios‘ Kevin Feige and director Zack Snyder, to 1989 Batman director and generally strange human being, Tim Burton – just a few of the names from the Empire article.

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While Peter Berg and Universal’s Battleship was solid in the international market this past weekend, pulling in a reported $226.8 million, it was its domestic release that would prove its worth. With a weekend haul of only $25.3 million dollars, Battleship was clearly a miss (see what I did there). While  live-action Hasbro film was able to defend against the third place $17 million dollar The Dictator, it was unable to take the top spot of Joss Whedon‘s Avengers,  which is now in it’s third week at number 1.

In an interview with Yahoo, Universal’s president of domestic distribution Nikki Rocco said she expected this, saying:

“It is obviously a disappointment, but we will move on. And we have Memorial Day coming up,”… “The studio has a picture that already has a quarter of a billion dollars in the bank, and it won’t die at $25.3 million domestically. We all know that.”

Even an executive with the studio is proud of how things for Battleship turned out, saying in his Deadline interview:

”Our P&A spend and production costs are even less than The Dictator – and our cast made it to the Oscars without offending AMPAS. Ha.”

The next time Universal wants to make a movie based on a board game maybe they should try using a few of our ideas.

The Marvel super flick now brings it’s total to an impressive $55 Million in it’s third weekend, building it’s total domestic earnings to $457.1M and over $1 Billion worldwide, but with Will Smith and Men in Black III just around the corner there could very well be a new number 1 next week. Any bets?

Source: Deadline


This NerdBastard just finished watching the new trailer for “Battleship” and it’s got me thinking.

Yeah, Yeah, YOU thinking?

I thought I smelled smoke.

If this movie was not tied to the game Battleship then maybe people might take it more seriously and give it a chance. Those marketing geniuses might have realized that if they bothered to talk to people NOT walking around at the local mall.

Taylor Kitsch is gonna take a beating over the debacle that is John Carter, and it’s too bad. It’s really more of a marketing problem and less of an acting, plot, or production problem. The movie itself is not that bad. Now Taylor is starring in Peter Berg‘s Battleship. Another movie that has been plagued by poor marketing.

Inspired by the Hasbro game, the film stars Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson as naval officers dealing with an otherwordly force that threatens to destroy our planet.

Watch this trailer and try to forget that it was ever tied to the Hasbro game and see if it changes your mind.

Most people expected a film based off a Hasbro board game (and casual college drinking game) to be some kind of joke, but Peter Berg may have turned Battleship into a watchable feature. Sure, Universal Pictures hired big names like Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson and recording artist Rihanna, but the real stars are the United States military.

Little known fact: over half the actors and extras in Battleship are active duty military personnel. Berg, the cast and crew took every step possible to make this film as realistic as they could. Even with all the CGI and aliens.

In the latest behind-the-scenes for Battleship viewers were granted a special look at the men and women of the armed forces and their experiences filming on set in Hawaii.

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The Super Bowl is now over and it’s time to talk about the important things, like those bad-ass movie trailers. Most people scoffed at the idea of a board-game-turned-Michael-Bay-wet-dream with a big budget. Now that the football season is over, it’s time to direct our attention toward director Peter Berg‘s take on the popular Battleship.

This one-minute Super Bowl trailer gives us a better look at the enemy soldiers who are packing more firepower then the rail-gun in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, while taking on Liam Neeson, a vampire and a female recording artist. It consists of footage that has already aired online or on TV, but that’s okay. The trailer features Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard as members on a US Navy ship fighting for survival against an attack from undersea creatures in a thunder-dome of ships and sailors.

And for all intents and purposes, we are still calling these Halo-looking knockoffs “aliens” until we find out just what the hell they are.

Check out the spot below.

Source: /Film

Remember that Will Smith movie about all those super powers and I think Charlize Theron was somewhere there, too?

Oh, yeah… Hancock!

It’s been a few years since it was released in 2008 and even longer than that since we heard talk of a sequel but it looks like it is back in the books.

The director, Peter Berg, updated Comic Book Movie with the happs on this sequel.

We’ve been talking about the sequel between us, Will Smith, [producers] Michael Mann and Akiva Goldman and myself. We’re all interested, but we literally just have trouble getting into the same room at the same time. We did have a series of meetings last year and started to hash out an idea for sequel — and Will Smith actually had the idea — so I think it will happen, it’s just a question of timing.

Apparently Will Smith is a master story teller or something.  According to his ex-wife, anyway, and who knows how credible she is.

Hancock did well enough at the box office back in the day, bringing in about $620 million in total.  Given that it’s been quite a while since we last heard anything about this sequel and that it’ll probably be another while before this thing is a thing…  what are you guys thinking?  Is there enough momentum for this ship to sail, or is it going to end up pulling a Costa Concordia?  (It’s too soon, I know.)

Source: Bleeding Cool

Oh good. The new trailer for Battleship is out. Yes, the movie based off the table top game of shouting numbers and letters till your little sister gets pissed off and flips the game board is on its way to theaters (opens May 18 2012).  The first trailer showed us that the movie is based around battleships fighting aliens that leads to explosions. This one? Builds on that, see it’s  battleships fighting aliens that leads to explosions that are in slow motion. BRILLIANT!

Oh and we also see more of Taylor KitschRihannaand Alexander Skarsgard, some saliory talk (not salty sea language, just jargony dialogue) and some aliens or something. Flashing lights, explosions, I think some screaming… I don’t know I started drinking heavily halfway through.

The word is that director Peter Berg‘s goal here was to out-‘Baysplosion’ Michael Bay with this movie. Doesn’t he know how dangerous that is? Bay will come back with an even bigger ‘Baysplosion’, Berg answers back with double the ‘Baysplosion’s’ and soon we have a ‘Baysplosion’ big enough to destroy us all!

The Trailer is after the jump. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going back to finishing my Connect 4 screen play


I can only imagine that would have to be the plot of the movie, right? Someone guesses the positioning of a ship, it’s sunk, then someone cries out in agony, “You sunk my battleship!” Give the trailer a watch, then we’ll decide.

Honestly, I think my movie sounds better. In what looks like a film created at the altar of Bay, Battleship is about a hotshot naval officer serving under Liam Neeson, who also happens to be said hotshot’s girlfriend’s daddy. Uh-oh, tension! When out on a routine exercise they spy a half-submerged craft in the ocean, which turns out to be what, a Transformer? I’m kind of confused. We then have an ariel shot I’m guessing is supposed to give us the connection to the classic Milton Bradley no Hasbro board game, as well as the alien? ship firing some kind of peg missile. And why is Eric Northman there? Surely vampires can’t serve in the U.S. Navy.

I feel like this movie’s a stretch, but I’m interested to see what screen writers Jon and Erich Hoeber managed to make of it. Battleship is directed by Peter Berg and stars Taylor KitschAlexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn DeckerRihanna (yes, for realz, the singer), Josh PenceJesse Plemons and Peter MacNicol. It’s set to open May 18th.

source: /Film