Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew has been a part of Star Wars from the beginning and a fantastic ambassador at conventions and appearances. He’s just a nice guy all around and while it is sad that his health is in such a state that he really couldn’t physically do what was necessary to continue on in the role of his lifetime Chewbacca. While he did appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Finnish actor Joonas Suotamo took over the more physical parts of the role. Now the Chewbacca torch has officially passed on to Suotamo in the as yet untitled Han Solo Star Wars movie. To mark the occasion Suotamo wrote Peter Mayhew and fans a very nice letter. (more…)


Just when you thought you knew someone the secrets come out of the closet changing your entire world view. Here’s a bombshell for ya, Chewbacca could speak English, or Galactic, or whatever they called the language of the Star Wars universe, the entire time. Fans often wondered and guessed at what Chewbacca’s howls and grunts really meant, for all we knew he could be cracking jokes, cursing like a Tusken Raider, or giving out Yoda like wisdom. Jamie Benning knew though, and he’s found the footage to prove it. You might recognize the name, he’s done other Star Wars documentaries worth watching. (more…)


If you haven’t been following Peter Mayhew‘s daily tweets of the original Star Wars script, that obviously went through many changes before and during shooting, then you’ve been missing an interesting look at how scripts evolve during the production process. A few days ago Mayhew tweeted out three pages of the original script that would have changed one of the movies most dramatic, and character building scenes, the duel and death of Obi-Wan on the Deathstar at the hands of Darth Vader. (more…)


Putting together a movie about Han Solo that won’t star Harrison Ford as everyone’s favourite space pirate was always going to be a tricky affair. Just who the hell do you cast as the young Han? Will he be zipping around in the Millennium Falcon? And what tale exactly do you tell? Well, the answer to this last question has been pretty much answered. Much to fans delight Chewie is confirmed to be on board with the film revolving around the pair’s meeting and getting together. (more…)


Wise beast-man of the star-ways, best co-pilot a galactic smuggler could have, professional wailer, for decades, Peter Mayhew has been the man behind the iconic hairy alien sidekick of Star Wars. Recently reprising his legendary role in The Force Awakens. Mayhew’s recent Twitter teases, however, have caused quite a stir, as he began to upload screen shots of his own original Star Wars script, simply titled Journal Of The Whills. What’s more interesting however, is the unedited original bit of text which reads… (more…)


Chewbacca is as much as part of Star Wars as any other character and The Force Awakens wouldn’t have been complete without our favourite walking carpet back aboard the Millennium Falcon. Chewie has been played solely by Peter Mayhew since the series began in 1977 but at 71, and in somewhat poor health, the producers of Episode VII decided to look for someone more athletic to help deliver the role. Make no mistake, this was no re-casting, rather an extremely sensitive addition that allowed Chewie to continue to be in action scenes, and fight alongside his lifelong buddy Han Solo (Harrison Ford). (more…)


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, all the rumor mongering and guess work has led to this, and on the cusp of the beginning of principal photography on Star Wars Episode VII, we now know who will be joining the film, both new and returning cast members, in one of the most highly anticipated films of the decade. So who made the list? (more…)


Several casting agencies that specialize in actors and actresses with particular body shapes and sizes got a casting call for a particular character for J.J. AbramsStar Wars Episode VII. If you’re at work, you might want to check yourself before you read the traits those casting directors are looking for. You wouldn’t want to let out your best Wookiee yell at the top of your lungs in front of all your co-workers, you might startle someone.