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Kurt Russell seems to be on our radar quite a bite lately, whether it’s starring in The Hateful Eight, having comics written about old characters of his, or joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Star-Lord’s father, the man is coming back to the public eye in a big way. Speaking of being Star-Lord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, it was recently confirmed the actor would be Ego the Living Planet, which came as a surprise to many fans. Now we get to see just a bit of what will be on the screen later next year.  (more…)


The Guardians of The Galaxy ending revealed that Starlord’s ability to hold the Infinity Stone for extended period of time (and not disintegrate) was due to his otherworldly DNA –  imparted to him from his absentee space Daddy. Teasing a mysterious unknown father figure from space seemed to set-up a significant plot point for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. While director James Gun has said that revelation will be addressed, it won’t be as significantly important as it was assumed to be. It’s not going to be a big secret. The real focal point is what the relationship is to that character. (more…)


Guardians of the Galaxy has been one of Marvel’s biggest success stories this year, but we live in a world basked in pessimism. Thusly, with everyone having access to the Internet, and myriad platforms for people to pine and criticize – anyone can be a critic these days. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the folks at Cinema Sins would eventually nit-pick at the intergalactic summer blockbuster  subjecting it to a heavy beating in the proverbial boxing ring. As per usual, Cinema Sins are just as ruthless and merciless with Guardians of the Galaxy as they are with all their other movie dissections. So, don’t dive in expecting any leniency on their part, as they pick the recent blockbuster apart. (more…)

MEEPO TREEPAdult Peter Quill was introduced to us immersed in the one thing he cares about most: music. Years after his childhood abduction by space pirates, we see him on planet Morag, enthusiastically dancing to the throwback rhythms in his headphones. He’s there to steal an artifact from an ancient and abandoned facility because he’s a brash, self-centered and reckless thief. There’s nothing alien about him, but he’s only truly human in his appearance. Quill’s got no ties to Earth, hence the reason he’s never rushed back there. He can hop between worlds in his ship and the only reason he’d do so is to steal things.  When we meet Peter Quill aka Star Lord, the two elements that define him are his criminal ways and songs from his “Awesome Mix” tape. I’ll happily take more of both, but in the meantime… (more…)


The success of Guardians of the Galaxy has prompted a lot of interest in the nuts and bolts of the film, and how it was realized in such a colorful and entertaining package. To wit, Marvel is offering us a look behind the scenes in a new video featurette that’s all about The Milano. The Milano is Peter Quill’s tricked-out spacecraft that both takes you across the stars and makes you feel at home in the 80s. Named for 80s good girl icon Alyssa Milano, it’s spacious enough to travel the galaxy in comfort, but it’s also leathal enough to help bring an end to a galactic tyrant with an axe – or hammer – to grind. So let’s go with Peter Quill himself, actor Chris Pratt, and take a tour of The Milano. (more…)


The Marvel movie machine is a relentless beast that lives up to every promise it makes.  When the first footage for Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy was presented last year at San Diego Comic-Con, it marked the beginning of a fierce, intelligent marketing campaign that no one could run from.  During the past year, that excitement has only grown and now that the release date is upon us, millions of fans flocked to the local multiplex as soon as they could to get a glimpse of a team of relatively unknown characters, whose members include a tree and a talking raccoon. Everyone wants to be the first to see it, including “Maddie”, who after waiting over a year was finally getting ready to see the long awaited space adventure-comedy. And then something weird and tragic in the best possibly nerdy way happened…. (more…)


[UPDATE! Since Marvel can’t seem to quit with the Guardians spam (not that we’re complaining) you’ll find the film’s first official poster below the cut.]

Hot on the heels of the first full trailer come these quick peeks at the crazies who make up James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Throughout the day Marvel will be dropping these short videos introducing us to each of the Guardians and we’ll continue to update this post with each one as they’re released. (more…)


So, Marvel has found it’s Peter Quill, but if I tell you who it is in these first few sentences, you will totally see the reveal in the excerpt on the front page of the site or on our Facebook page and then you won’t click the article. We want you to click our articles. We need you to click our articles, so really, this part is just filler because I will be damned if I’m going to give you this information for free without extracting a page hit out of you! (more…)

Apparently the following information is a Comic Book Movie exclusive, as they have received the names of some potential actors for the role of Drax The Destroyer in the upcoming Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy, with James Gunn in the driver’s seat.  This is all thanks to a source that they have that is “very close to production”, who shared with the site the names of three potentials for the role of Drax as well as one person who is “still high on” for the role of Peter Quill.

The potentials that are lined up are former WWE star Dave BautistaBrian Patrick Wade from Generation Kill and The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa. According to the source, they’re all still in negotiations with Marvel at the present time.  To be honest, I don’t know if I could take The Old Spice Guy seriously.

For those of you who aren’t fully aware of the backstory behind Drax, he started off as your average human dude named Arthur Douglas whose family was killed by Thanos.  Kronos then took Arthur’s soul and put it in a brand new, souped up body so that he could have at it with Thanos.  And there we have Drax the Destroyer.  The movie will be “updating” this backstory, though, and Hollywood-izing it so that’ll be interesting to see.

There has been a lot of speculation about who will be playing Peter Quill.  The source claims that Peter Krasinski is up there in the running, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything is set in stone just yet.

What do you think about these potential casting choices?  Who would you like to be on the big screen playing these characters?

Source: Comic Book Movie

The race for the lead role in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy is seriously heating up. Today Deadline is reporting Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s name is now in the mix, and maybe, he’s already been offered the role. He joins the ranks of other Peter Quill hopefuls: Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, and Zachary Levi.

The interesting thing is, what does this mean for his possible future in the cowl? Who’s cowl? Batman’s cowl, you twat. At the end of The Dark Knight Rises there’s a heavy hint Gordon-Levitt’s character would take up the mantle of Batman after Bruce Wayne’s exit, and some rumors imply we’ll see that play out in the real world, too. But if Gordon-Levitt moves over to Marvel, what are the chances he’ll star as two different superheroes for two different companies and franchises? Slim, man, real slim.

Now the game is, who do you believe? Deadline seems pretty confidant Gordon-Levitt is indeed a frontrunner for Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the same could be said for any insider source who’s claimed we’d be seeing Gordon-Levitt as Batman sooner rather than later.

Which rumor do you buy? And which role would you prefer to see Gordon-Levitt in?

Source: /Film