Peter Sarsgaard

We’re only three days away from the big screen release of Martin Campbell‘s Green Lantern film and everything should be shaping up to be a fantastic release. Unfortunately reviews have been coming in from early screenings and let’s just say even in brightest day Hal Jordan isn’t fairing too well with the fans. The third in a line of DC heroes to actually have their project reach their viewing audience (sorry Wonder Woman) and it looks like they might have struck out on this one.

We picked a few of the best  worst reviews and are posting them hear for you to judge for yourself. Click on the site name for the entire review.

With little more then 3 months until the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern film hits theaters, there’s still a looming question in the air on what Parallax -yellow fear based entity-  will look like. Other then a production shot, no one has seen much else of the yellow monster/villain. If you’ve been reading the Green Lantern series you know what Parallax is, a creature of fear imprisoned inside the central power battery of Oa. Known simply as “the yellow impurity”, a reason for a lantern’s weakness, we now have a better look at this villain thanks to an upcoming toy.

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