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With Marvel‘s cinematic universe officially in Phase 2 we have a full slate of movies from the house of ideas to look forward to and apparently, Entertainment Weekly is all up in it, pictures wise. Coming up we’ve got some teasey/spoilery images from the magazine’s Comic-Con preview for you to drool and speculate over.

Let’s start with some concept art of Captain America and his BFF, Bucky.

Saoirse Ronan Sought for Scarlet Witch?


With The Avengers 2 still two years out, rumors of just who’ll be joining the team in the sequel are already everywhere. It’s all but confirmed Scarlet Witch and her twin, Quicksilver are joining The Avengers, with Joss Whedon hinting he was writing a brother-sister team into the script. And while Kevin Feige didn’t confirm that duo would be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, he didn’t deny anything either.

Now, Super Hero Hype is hearing murmurings Marvel already has an actress in mind for Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. They report,

Although Joss is still writing and probably not ready to send anything out to actors, for the two roles, they’re generally looking for actors in their 20s and we’ve heard word that the “prototype” for their Scarlet Witch is none other than Irish actress Saoirse Ronan. Except something to note is that they’re going “British” for the role rather than trying to have actors playing Eastern Europeans.

Ah yes, the grand Hollywood tradition of casting British actors anytime you need someone foreign. Just look at Sir Ben Kingsley, the man’s made quite the impressive career playing non-whites. Anyway, the mention of Saoirse Ronan is hinting more towards what type of actress they have in mind, rather than seeking her directly.

Still, I like how they’re thinking and I believe an actress like Ronan would be a good choice. Sure, it’d be nice if they actually sought out an Eastern European actress for the role, but I know not to get my hopes up. What do you think of the direction they’re taking with the role?

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Marvel‘s Cinematic Universe is a big hit, yes? Judging by all the box office records broken by The Avengers, now only to be re-broken by Iron Man 3 with its $700 million+ earned so far, it’s safe to say there’s no franchise bigger or more profitable than Marvel’s. And at this point, you have to wonder how much of this franchise’s success is from love of these characters, or was it the performances of Roberty Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth that made Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor mega-stars?

By now, Marvel’s got themselves a reputation of tying actors into long contracts for little pay – obviously, we’re talking comparatively, whatever an actor makes can never really be called “little pay” – which works out great for Disney and Marvel when they’re looking to make at least two or three sequels. Evans’ is current signed into a six-picture deal, after renegotiating down from nine, and Mark Ruffalo is signed on for six, Avengers being his first. And what their paid is a pitiful fraction of their film’s earnings.

Not so for RDJ. He, smartly, had his agents renegotiate his contract after the first Iron Man which is what allowed him to take home over $50 million from The Avengers‘ haul. And he’s doing so again, because officially RDJ doesn’t have to put on the metal suit even if Tony Stark/Iron Man are an integral part of The Avengers 2. So the question is, how much will Marvel have to pony up to re-sign RDJ? And is that an option? I know, I know, it’s unimaginable to think they’d ever recast Tony Stark but if a company believes they can make a good enough product for cheaper, they will. Let us not forget, as Screen Rant rightly reminds us, Terrance Howard was the highest paid actor in Iron Man and look how quickly they recast him once he asked for more money.

Now, yes, Howard is no RDJ, but what of his Avengers‘ co-stars? How will they fare in their contract negotiations? Deadline is reporting they are rallying behind RDJ, who with his success both at the box office and in negotiations, has become something of a leader.

He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. and balls of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like shit.

What if RDJ holds off on resigning in order for his fellow Avengers to get better deals? Will Marvel play that game, or will they simply recast and possibly downsize his role? Honestly, I think it’s tough to tell what they’ll do, but I, like many of you, can’t see anyone besides RDJ in the role. And I’d figure Marvel and Disney will be checking these box office figures, collected again by Screen Rant, showing the gross of the Marvel films with and without RDJ,

$585 million – Iron Man
$624 million – Iron Man 2
$1,512 million – The Avengers
$711 million – Iron Man 3 (in less than two weeks)
$263 million – The Incredible Hulk
$369 million – Captain America: The First Avengers
$449 million – Thor

Soo, where do you think this leaves us? Can Marvel re-assemble The Avengers?


We were all but positive Zoe Saldana would be cast as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, and she’s officially moved from being “in talks” to confirming her involvement. “I’m going to be green!” she exclaimed in the first of these two Star Trek press videos, and had only praise for director James Gunn, adding, I just met James Gunn in person this week and I think that he’s the best director to be making this film.

In this next video Saldana goes over much of the same info as the first, but she does confirm Gamora will be realized not through motion capture but by her getting the green makeup treatment. Woo-hoo! Practical effects FTW!

Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to released August 1st, 2014. Are you happy with Saldana as Gamora? What do you think her make-up will look like?

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This is it, this is the week that begins the summer blockbuster season. On May 3rd, Iron Man 3 releases nationwide, and with it the beginning of Marvel‘s Phase 2. Naturally, this week is inundated with news of the film’s stars giving interviews, making public appearances, and bizarre fake trailers.

To start off, here’s The Mandarin, Sir Ben Kingsley, talking with Collider‘s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub about how Kevin Feige made him interested in the villainous role, plus a little chat about work in Ender’s Game,

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Given his blood-stained pen, it should comes as no surprise that director Joss Whedon has some “awful” things planned for Marvel’s biggest super-team in The Avengers 2. On his way into the MTV Movie Awards, to accept Movie of the Year honors on behalf of The Avengers, Whedon talked to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet about Marvel Phase 2, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the series, and, of course, the second Avengers.

But if your too lazy, or too cool, to be caught watching a clip from ET, here’s the pertinent bit of what Whedon had to say about Avengers 2:

I didn’t think I was gonna do the second one, but I had an idea for it before I had figured out the first one. You go into a movie not assuming that there’s going to be [another one]. I’ve seen plenty of movies that were the first part of the trilogy that never happened and it’s terrible….You don’t save anything for the trip back. Having said that, though, I did sort of know, ‘Well if they were to come back, I know what’s going to happen… it’s going to be awful.’

Whedon also said that shooting is scheduled to begin on the film sometime early next year, so stay tuned for more rumor-mongering and leaks as production ramps up in the next year.

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With Iron Man 3 only weeks away Phase 2 of Marvel‘s Cinematic Universe is so close we can taste it! Not that I’d recommend tasting it, probably tastes like some strange mixture of Tony Stark’s leftover whiskey and Hulk’s sweaty shorts. Nah, who am I kidding? Tony wouldn’t have leftover whiskey. That’s crazy talk.

Anyway, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently filming, with its release date set for April 4th, 2014. On Monday night they were filming in Los Angeles and JFX Online was there to snap a few pictures of a scene between Cap (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson). Browse through the gallery below, and take note of the new costume Cap’s wearing,

All right, if you did what you were told you would have noticed that new costume of Cap’s looks an awful like what he’s wearing in the Secret Avengers series, as pointed out by Screen Rant. The new costume also officially marks him as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., a role we’ll seen Cap take on in this sequel. There’s a change to Black Widow’s look, too. Johansson is rocking straight, red locks as opposed to the curlier look she’s had in both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. Again, it’s a change that aligns her more with the comic book interpretation to her character.

What do you think is going on in this scene? It’s an action scene for sure, just look at those harnesses and wires.

Are you excited for The Winter Soldier? How do you think Cap’s official involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D. will pan out? Maybe we’ll see some crossover with Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but maybe.

Source: JFX Online via CBM


In a month’s time Phase 2 of Marvel‘s Cinematic Universe will begin with Iron Man 3. Filming has already been under way for Thor: The Dark World, with production about to being on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. That only leaves Avengers 2 to wrap up Phase 2, and ScreenDaily is reporting Joss Whedon will begin work on the sequel at Shepperton Studios in Middlesex sometime early 2014. It’s the same studio Dark World, Winter Soldier, and Guardians have and will be filmed at. Clearly Marvel and Shepperton are very close and the studio could well serve as the home of Marvel’s movies through future phases.

So, uh, Warner Bros., how’s that Justice League movie coming along? The Flash? Wonder Woman? Any of those projects moving forward? No? Just a Man of Steel. Oh. Okay.

There’s also concept art believed to be from The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, but nothing’s been confirmed as the real deal. Still, they sure look pretty, whether legit or not. Take a look,

Lastly, shared via Collider is this preview video of Kevin Feige talking about Phase 2, specifically how Iron Man 3 kicks it all off,

Iron Man 3 hits theatres on May 3rd, and with it, Marvels’ Phase 2 begins. Which of the Phase 2 flicks are you most excited for? It’s Avengers 2, isn’t it? Yeah, me too.

Source: /Film

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase 3(?)


Kevin Feige is talking again. Talking again about the future slate of Marvel projects. But this time, while talking to SFX Magazine, he was looking slightly further afield into the future, specifically the end of Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 plan and the start of Phase 3.

“Almost whatever the heck else is happening is gravy in that franchise, because all I care about is Bruce and Tony, Tony and Steve, Widow and Bruce – and how Thor fits into it, because he’s always the outsider amongst outsiders” Feige says of the Avengers series of films. “So I think that’s where the value lies. And going deeper amongst those characters in those relationships.”

So The Avengers 2 will be going deeper into the characters from the first film and their relationships with one and other, does that mean that we’re not going to get a switch-up in the team line-up? It’s been a topic of conversation between Feige and director Joss Whedon.

“I think it’s not a secret that Joss and I and all of us at Marvel think that part of the fun of Avengers is the rotating team, for sure,” he added with a laughs.

So we can expect some new faces by the time the curtain draws down on Phase 2? That’s not exactly clear, I’m afraid. But on a completely different subject, Feige discussed where Doctor Strange might place in the upcoming slate of Marvel projects, and suggests that the themes of the movies’ various Phases are not as cut and dry as you may think.

“I’m not looking at Phase One as grounded and Phase Two as cosmic and Phase 3 as magic.” he said. “The films are all so eclectic and different from each other that you can’t overarchingly categorize them like that. If and when we enter the magic arena, it will be through Doctor Strange. Sure, obviously. And that’s to me what’s exciting about Doctor Strange.”

So Doctor Strange is still in the mix. Exact details about Marvel’s plans post-Avengers 2 are still nebulous, although the first film after the Avengers sequel will likely be Ant-Man. A Hulk solo movie and future adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are also on the table.

More news as it develops.

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A lof of the “news” we get about upcoming nerdy-themed movies isn’t exactly Earth-shattering, but this I did found kind of interesting. While talking to SFX Magazine, Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige talked about the overal tone of Marvel’s Phase 2 plans and how it’s basically two halves of a whole: the highlighting of the cosmic side of the Marvel U on one hand, and an exploration of the inner-minds of its characters on the other. Here’s what Feige had to say:

“The Thor film and the Guardians of the Galaxy film certainly are cosmic. Guardians and Thor will take the brunt of the cosmic side of the universe, particularly Guardians, which is 95% in space. I think Iron Man 3 shows the other side of Phase 2, which is delving deeper into the characters. Throwing them on a much more personal journey. And Captain America will showcase [that]. What’s exciting to me about Cap, sort of about Iron Man 3 too if you look at it,  is it’s tonally almost like a different genre. Shane Black’s described Iron Man 3 as a Tom Clancy sort of political thriller, which I like a lot. We hired our directors on Cap because they loved our explanation that we really want to make a 70s political thriller masquerading as a big superhero movie. Just like with the first film, we got Joe Johnston because we said, ‘We want to do a 40s World War Two movie masquerading as a big superhero movie.’ I love that we’re doing a sequel to a film that’s a completely different genre than the first film. I think that’s fun. And the comics do it all the time.”

In other news, Feige added that fans shouldn’t look for too much connective tissue between Guardians of the Galaxy and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes out next year.

“It’s much more of a standalone film. It takes place in the same universe. And when we’ve been on the other side of that universe in other movies, you might see those characteristics in Guardians, but the Avengers are not involved with what’s happening out there at this time.”

Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World will come out later this year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy will be out in 2014, and Phase 2 will come to an end with The Avengers 2 summer 2015.

More news as it develops.

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