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Back in May of 2016, Channel 4 announced that it was partnering with Sony to produce an anthology sci-fi series (a description that is tantalisingly reminiscent of Black Mirror) based on the stories of renowned writer Philip K DickElectric Dreams: The World of Philip K Dick is to due to be split into ten separate parts, with each episode a standalone drama adapted from Dick’s work by a creative team from both the UK and the USA. The series will be written and directed by Ronald D Moore and Michael Dinner, with Bryan Cranston both executive producing and appearing in the show. (more…)

Street Scenes in Blade Runner

Well, this is happening. It seems. After years (and years) of idle speculation and rumor mongering, Blade Runner 2 is finally moving forward with it’s old star and a new director. Sadly, Sir Ridley Scott will not be sitting in the director’s chair for the long awaited follow-up to his 1982 film Blade Runner, but that film’s star, Harrison Ford, will be, completing a trifecta of encores to his classic roles including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As for who will be directing Ford in this new effort? In a surprise move, the producers have chosen the Academy Award-winning director Denis Villeneuve to tell Deckard’s next chapter. (more…)

After the jump, we’ve got the first TV spot for Len Wiseman‘s Total Recall reboot. While it doesn’t have any new footage it still makes this movie look a lot better than I expected it would be. Yes, still holding out for a tri-boobed hooker, but even if that doesn’t make it into this new non-Mars based version of Philip K. Dick‘s “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” it still looks like it might be a fun little flick. It Stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and opens on August 3rd. (more…)

The latest international trailer for Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake has hit the ‘net and boy howdy, does it look like the last one. Sure there is a small sprinkling of new footage if you really want to scour it frame by frame, but it still left me with an empty feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, I will fully admit this version of the classic Philip K. Dick short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale looks like a great sci-fi movie, it still depresses me a little inside. No, this is not some old nerd pining for the original… ok, maybe it is a little.

Is a 3 boobed hooker just to much to ask for these days?

Check it the trailer after the jump.


Here’s another one of those damn trailer teasers. This time next year we’ll probably be getting still movie images released once a day that when put together and flipped . . . show us the trailer. Anything those marketing geniuses can do to keep the news cycle lukewarm about a film it seems.

The full trailer will be revealed this Sunday – here’s the details according to Columbia Pictures:

Moviegoers will begin their Recall experience on Sunday, April 1, as Columbia Pictures debuts the trailer for the highly anticipated action thriller Total Recall during the NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat broadcast nationally on ABC, it was announced today by Marc Weinstock, president of Worldwide Marketing for Sony Pictures. Total Recall will be released in theaters nationwide on August 3, 2012.

The world premiere of the Total Recall trailer will air during the first half of the game and will be promoted with tune-ins in the week leading up to the game.

Following the trailer’s premiere on ABC, a special extended trailer will debut online at

The trailer will also launch simultaneously in over 30 countries on broadcast and online outlets.

Commenting on the announcement, Weinstock said, “We’re thrilled to be working with the NBA and ABC to give millions of fans all across the country this exciting first look at the trailer.”

Total Recall is an action thriller about reality and memory, inspired anew by the famous short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick. Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell), even though he’s got a beautiful wife (Kate Beckinsale) whom he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life – real memories of life as a super-spy might be just what he needs. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. Finding himself on the run from the police – controlled by Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston) – there is no one Quaid can trust, except possibly a rebel fighter (Jessica Biel) working for the head of the underground resistance (Bill Nighy). The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of his world hangs in the balance as Quaid discovers his true identity, his true love, and his true fate. The film is directed by Len Wiseman. The screenplay is by Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback and the screen story is by Ronald Shusett & Dan O’Bannon and Jon Povill. The producers are Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe.

We learned today Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori in Len Wiseman‘s Total Recall. If she accepts she’ll play wife to Colin Farrell‘s lead, Quaid. I find it highly unlikely she’ll be turning down the role since her relationship with Wiseman is very, very chummy. The two were married back in 2004 and have worked together on multiple occasions, most notably the Underworld series. At the moment Beckinsale is filming the fourth film in the series, Underworld 4: A New Dawn, which Wiseman is producing.

This version of Total Recall will supposedly be a closer adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale rather than the 1990 movie version. Already announced in the cast in Colin Farrell as Quaid and Bryan Cranston as the villain, Vilo Cohaagen.

Would you like to see Kate Beckinsale in the role? Public opinion might not mean much to Wiseman since he’ll probably be casting his wife no matter what, but what do you guys think?

As a refresher, /Film posted an image of Sharon Stone as Lori in the ’90 Total Recall,

I think we can unanimously agree we’d like to see Beckinsale rockin’ this itty, bitty tube top.

source: /Film


But is it a reboot? There’s been talk of this film being a closer adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s 1966 short story, We Can Remember it for you Wholesale and this casting of Bryan Cranston fits with that assumpton. Cranston won’t be playing the villain from the original film, Michael Ironside, but rather Vilo Cohaagen, the leader of the nation state Euromerica. Here’s a synopsis:

The new story involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai, with Douglas Quaid (Farrell) a factory worker in the latter who begins to believe he is a spy, although he doesn’t know for which side. Cranston would play Vilos Cohaagen, the leader of Euromerica who, under the cover of protecting his people, is secretly readying an invasion of New Shanghai.

This sounds like a much darker tone than what we saw in the 1990 version. Cranston will join Colin Farrell as the lead and Len Wiseman (Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard) as director. Cranston has been marvelous on Breaking Bad so hopefully he’ll add more confidence to this project, since we all know Farrel as a lead doesn’t draw big crowds. What are you guys thinking about this casting news?

source: /Film