George Lucas: Special Edition


Hopefully the fires and riots have finally died down after this past weekends Blu Ray release of  ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga.” We can now start to rebuild.

George Lucas’s love of edits and alterations to the Star Wars movies drove two Redditors HoneyNinja and spudbaws to make a few changes of their own. Turn about is fair play, Georgie Boy.

I’ll be putting their fine work up after the jump, the final result is something so haunting and horrifying that you might want to have small children and those with heart conditions leave the room.


Button Combo Your Way To Hoboken

hobokenCan you see what the person photo shopped here? Sho-Ryu-Ken! (Sure-You-Can). Sorry with that lame joke, but up above is a pretty funny and clever photo shopped image then what my joke was. Sure the name is really Hadouken but c’mon people, lets use some imagination on this. I also appriciate the down-forward quarter circle punch image as there are some gamers, mostly new generation gamers, claiming it’s hard to play and they want the dial-a-combo game play. Maybe we do need to send them out to Haboken to get them learning on Street Fighter basics. Comment below if you have seen other signs and it had you remember or thought of something you like.

Source: Geekologie