The Interwebz is a great place for artists to share their nerdy work, even though a lot of the time it’s stuff like Harry Potter and Voldemort poking each other with their “wands” and shit like that. There are a ton of awesome things to behold every day but we’re fuckin’ lazy bastards, so we just put it all together once a week to keep your mojos happy.

This week we’ll start off with some art nouveau pieces by Megan Lara, which are on sale here. These posters come in a set of four, one for each of the major women in Firefly and Serenity. Who doesn’t like themselves a purdy poster of a sexy space hooker, and then some?

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Picasso Superhero Art


Wonderbros has created a new modern twist on the old Pablo Picasso artwork. They have taken the Picasso twists and applied them towards creating some superhero art pieces. Now, I am in no way an art enthusiast and to be honest, I would be bored silly in any museum. But looking at these, I can honestly say i wouldn’t mind having one hung up in my living room or bathroom. Now, are these what Picasso would have had in mind if he was recruited to paint them? Probably not, but all in all they are pretty cool. Take a gander at them and let me know what you think.