Right now, we are caught in that lackadaisical time between Christmas and New Years Eve — December’s perineum, if you will — and during that time we are duty bound to justify our existence and mine for web traffic by pausing for a moment of reflection on the year that was. And so, this year as a direct result of that mandatory reflective period, we have complied the most important listicle of the year — a listicle about listicles that also features its own lists! It’s Listageddon! It’s Listapalooza!

Oh yes, this list of lists with other lists has every list your pig eyes could ever want to see in a list! Movie lists, meme lists, dildo lists, knit lists, Alan Thicke lists, a podcast list, and a pie list that will buckle your knees! Yes, it’s a veritable cheese wheel of pop culture and a bunch of other nerdy geeky dorkaliscious dweeberific nerdgasmy geekilingus dogshit for you to sift through while you sit on a toilet, play fantasy soccer, or do whatever it is that you do while reading these articles. List!

Warning: Clutch your pearls, there’s some adult material and a fuck-ton of cursing in this article.

The Broke Booty Ballad of the Pie F****er

Jason Biggs is known for many things — his leading performance in American Pie, also his work in American Pie 2, and American Wedding, and… are we sensing a trend? He’s the pie fucker, and that is what he will be until the day he dies. If the man cured cancer, the headline would read “Pie Fucker cures cancer”.

Luckily, Biggs isn’t outwardly bitter about the source of his notoriety, because, you know, there are worse things you could fuck to gain notoriety, i.e.¬†Ray J.

How not bitter and totally okay with his reputation is Biggs? Check out his embedded video below that blends Thankskilling and The Godfather to portray the worlds very first incident of pastry initiated sodomy with a cobbler c*ck.

Revenge Of The Pie from Jason Biggs