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We’re just over a month away from the “final” Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or at least that’s what we’re told it’s going to be. Many fans are still speculative that this film is actually a set up for a future franchise, although Disney has not yet confirmed this. They may be keeping that possibility open, depending on how well this film does. This trailer is similar to the last one that was released and doesn’t give us much new information. Disney seems to be keeping a lot of the plot secretive. Why? Either it’s not good and they’re trying to hide it or it is good and they don’t want to ruin it. Remain speculative. (more…)


Swashbuckling Disney fans are going to have another year on their hands while they wait for the latest installment of the Johnny Depp money machine that is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The news is out the fifth in the Pirate‘s series won’t set sail in 2015, as originally intended.

Filming was set to begin this fall, but Walt Disney Pictures has announced that the fifth sequel in the Pirates franchise project won’t make its original release date of July 10, 2015. Coming on the heels of the news that the release date for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man feature for Marvel had been moved up to July 31st, 2015, sources behind the scenes say a release in 2016 is possible for Pirates 5.

Unless Johnny Depp decides to work on another project before shooting starts, a release in 2016 would be the best solution. There will be at least one big Marvel movie to compete against during the next three years. Disney won’t want to put its own films in any competitive trap that would drain earnings from one or the other.

The date isn’t yet official and could change to an end of summer/early fall release, but all in all, it could be the best of both worlds for this particular series. Just enough time for Pirates fans and others to start clamoring for more Depp.

What do you think though? Is three years too long to wait or is it just the time we need ?

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Citing issues and saying, the script “isn’t there yet”, Disney executives have pushed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales back to a 2016 release date. But without knowing what the hell this fifth Pirates flick is about we have no idea what the problems could be? Other than the obvious one of, “Do we really need a fifth Pirates film?” (Followed quickly by a simple response of, “$$$.”)

Anyway, Bleeding Cool has come across some plot details for Pirates 5. We’re not entirely sure of their accuracy, or even which version of the script these come from, so take everything with a grain of salt.

♦ There’s a new female lead and foil for Jack Sparrow. She’s suspected of witchcraft, but is actually a scientist.
♦ Witches are a big part of the movie.
♦ One of the film’s leads is a ghost, hence the title. He’s a “former member of the British military now sided with Barbossa on a revenge mission.”
♦ Two new, young, romantic leads – a boy and girl – both from farming families get caught up in the mix.
♦ The film starts with an “awkward wedding” and ends with “a riff on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.”

YAWN. Oh, I’m sorry, was I supposed to energized about another Pirates flick based on these scant details? Well, I’m not. How is this different from the last, unnecessary installment On Stranger Tides? Exchange mermaids for witches, recast Penelope Cruz’s character, and bring in two more star-crossed, young lovers we won’t give a shit about and you’re done. If this is what Disney is working with they need to go back to stage one, dontcha think?

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Disney is never one to give up the cash cows when it comes to their film projects and the seemingly endless series of Pirates of the Caribbean films is proof enough of that.  Even though they’ve been getting progressively worse, they still manage to sell some tickets and make the Sith Lord mouse a tidy profit.  And now, look out, cause here comes the fifth installment in the Pirates franchise!

They’ve just hired on Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal) to take the script to the next level, crafting a new draft from what Terry Rossio already put together.  Once the new script is nice and pretty, they’ll no doubt be looking to snatch up as many old cast members as they can.

And while Johnny Depp hasn’t officially signed anything yet, he’ll likely return once they show him the amount of zeros on his paycheck.  Everyone else, however, is another story.  No one knows for sure whether they want to do more Pirates or even if the new script would have room in there for them to return.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do the Nerdreaders think?  Let Pirates sink to the bottom of the ocean or keep making them until Depp begins to look like Keith Richards did in Pirates 3?


Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads-up.