planet of the apes 2001


Just when you thought you had banished all thoughts of Tim Burton‘s 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot from your nerdy mind and gotten rid of that metallic after taste that lingered for weeks in your mouth after the first, and only time you saw the movie, this had to happen and dredge it all up again. Those anger management consoling sessions aren’t cheap dammit. The ever so talented Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Rob Roy, and regrettably Planet of the Apes) was recently asked to explain that ever so confusing Burton POTA ending. (more…)

burtons PofA 2001

Whatever feelings you may or may not have for the latest incarnation of Planet of the Apes, there are few people on this or any monkey-ruled planet that would exchange the rebooted franchise for another visit to Tim Burton’s 2001 version. As is befitting a turd of this caliber, the folks over at Screen Junkies have decided to give it the ‘Honest Trailers’ treatment. Scroll on and click the video thingy for a more accurate look at the Apes movie we have tried so hard to forget. (more…)