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Above: Is a Zombie bite contagious to aliens species? No idea, but Andy J. Hunter is going to help usĀ find out soon enough thanks to changing up this famous E.T. scene to a full out zombie horde. Elliott is going to have to pedal fast if he wants to stay ahead of the undead shambling because all the magic fingers in the world aren’t going to save him now. E.T. gonna hunger for flesh. [Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for Supergirl, Deadpool, planet Vulcan and moar in the jump.

This week’s top ten is about impact. Deep Impact! Wait, no… the planet survived that one in the end… let me start again. This week’s top ten goes BOOM, the kind of boom the crumbles whole planets!

In the hallowed halls of Nerdom, be it in movies, print, television and even radio, are the remains of many a planet that for whatever reason had to be destroyed. Turning a planet into dust is the dream of super villains and asteroids everywhere and the nightmare of the life forms stuck to these cosmic dirtballs due the laws of gravity. Hell, even former vice-president Al Gore blew the earth up in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” (at least I think he did… I sorta nodded off halfway through that one.)