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Believe it or not, some people actually get excited when they hear that a movie or television show that they loved as a child is getting a multimillion dollar reboot.  While it is tough to recapture the same spirit of the source material that the reboot is based on, there are plenty of examples of how a huge budget and modern technology can actually enhance the original story. That being said, a classic is a classic, and there are certain movies that should simply be left alone for future generations to enjoy.  Today, one of those classics is being left alone, and we are all better off for it. (more…)


Universal’s first experience adapting a board game to the big screen was not great. Battleship was savaged by critics and ignored by audiences, and any hope of a franchise went, ahem, down with the ship. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed… Another board game based movie is on the way, but instead of going all action-packed, this one is reaching for the horror side of cinema. Of course, with a game like Ouija, which has a long, complicated history of occult connections, what other genre could you approach that game with other than horror? Comedy? The trailer just released certainly begs to differ. (more…)


Riding on the backs of our childhood memories, Michael Bay has made serious fkn butt-loads of cash molesting the Transformers franchise.  He will, in short order, be doing the same with our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But there was a time, not so long ago, when Bay put together original (if not quite amazing) movies.  Now, it seems as if he’ll be trying his hand at an actual new idea sometime in the future.  And this time, he’s looking to pee all over the horror genre. (more…)

Michael Bay, you’ve done it again.

Apparently eager to jump on the “found footage” subgenre bandwagon, Bay is developing a film called Almanac through his Platinum Dunes production company. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story saying that after a year of development at Dunes, the film has been picked by Paramount Pictures who are reportedly, “move aggressively and swiftly with it.”

Not much is known about the story, but it’s supposed that it will be in the same vein as fellow “found footage” film Chronicle, except the focus is time travel, not superpowers. Screenwriters Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan wrote the screenplay on spec and Dean Israelite (cousin of Battle: LA director Jonathan Liebesman)  has been tapped as director for the potential project.

In keeping with the popular perception of Bay, this is a no-brainer. Bay’s success as a film producer is evident with low cost remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, and found footage films are notoriously low budget and buzz worthy, which makes them financially successful. And with Looper’s success at the box office, more time travel is on the menu from idea-less studios.

But who cares? More Bay-bashing! Coming soon to a theater near you. What say you, Bastards? Are you at least interested?

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News Round Up: Superheroes Edition


We here at NerdBastards like to make things easy and convenient for you readers so this post will feature many superhero news in one post. That’s right, we’re doing this for you and it has nothing to do with us being lazy. Anyway, with news ranging from X-Men: First Class to Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, and even some Ninja Turtle movie news (Yes, I consider them superheroes). We got quite the few stories for you to check out after the break. (more…)

New A Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer

a-nightmare-on-elm-street-20090722103059768_640wSo if you haven’t heard, there is a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street coming out, brought to you by Bay’s Platinum Dunes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Friday the 13th remake). Looks like they want to make Freddy all serious and deadly and no jokes, which is what I liked about in the older movies. The movie is set to be released April 30th, 2010. Here is the second trailer and see for yourself if you like the new Freddy, played by Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach).

Source: io9

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