The Piper McKenzie theater company in Brooklyn compiled a collection of short plays that were inspired by video games and nerdery. “Theater of the Arcade” features plays based on Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and more. The video below is the Duck Hunt portion of the aforementioned compilation. And it’s pretty fuckin ‘awesome.

The official description:

A “Deleted Scene” from THEATER OF THE ARCADE: Five Classic Video Games Adapted for the Stage,” as performed at the GAME PLAY Opening Night Cabaret at The Brick on July 9, 2010. Written by Jeff Lewonczyk, Directed by Gyda Arber, Starring Fred Backus and Josh Mertz.

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When Captain America Throws Her Mighty Shield (Fan Stage Play)

So you know that really expensive Captain America movie that’s coming out? You do, well skip that shit and check out Captain America’s Burlesque Adventure from the Peekaboo Revue instead. This take on Marvel’s first super hero stars Beth Kellnoire as Cap. Ginger Leigh as Bucki, Joey Martini as the Red Skull and Christa D’agger as ‘Capitan France’. Captain America and comedy, who knew?

Shot live at Asbury Lanes in NJ, and World Cafe Live in Philly. PA this is a show for the older audiences, as in NSFW and certainly not meant for the eyes or ears ofchildren. You just don’t expect language from women like that, even young Bucki knocks out a few f-bombs that are hilarious in this. The real twist is the Redd Skull, from Criminal mastermind to let’s say…comical addition really makes the show. He almost steals the it away from the rest of the cast, he’s a true villain even on the stage.

It’s beyond me why, as of this moment, that this video only has 78 views on Youtube. Viewership should jump now after this gets out, it’ll be like that Rebecca Black video but actually worth watching. If Spider-man: Turn off the Dark gets canceled again maybe they’ll put this on Broadway instead.

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Terminator Two: Judgment Day is one of the films so deeply rooted in science fiction lore, that I don’t think it could possibly be made better.

I saw that film dozens upon dozens of times during my childhood, and I know that film extremely well. So, when I heard that someone has re-written the entire script for T2 as if William Shakespeare had written it, I was notably suspicious.

According to, a small and independent theater company based out of Nashville, Tennessee decided to undertake the task, and hope to raise $3,000 to actually perform it.

Each line and phrase is taken directly from folios printed by or before 1685, and many extended sections of dialogue are composed of individual lines from separate works. Only proper nouns and pronouns were subject to change, as dictated by the plot.

[Y]ou’d be amazed by how perfectly the themes so pervasive in Shakespeare’s plays lend themselves to the story of the Terminator: horrific prophecies, charges of madness, the terror of an implacable enemy, the fierceness of a mother’s love for her son. While it’s loaded with outrageous action sequences, one-liners and comic moments (which we’ve worked hard to honor), Terminator 2 is a theme-driven film that invests heavily in its main characters. In our reworking, we were continually struck by extended passages from Shakespeare that seemed as though they could have been written specifically with these late 20th century characters in mind.

Here is a sample of one of the script pages, more of which will be released on this page in the coming weeks.

What do you think of this extremely interesting idea? Would you donate money to help them perform it?

If so, you can find all the information on their Kickstarter page.


Awww, isn’t it cute when kids take on the classics? Instead of the boring old “Wizard of Oz” or “Our Town,” these kids decided to take on something a little more substantial.


I shit you not; look at the video if you don’t believe it. Instead of a mountain of cocaine, this pint-size Tony has a giant bowl of popcorn. Instead of dropping an f-bomb every two seconds, he, well, you know what? Just watch. You will feel better about the future of humanity.

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