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Playstation Network‘s adaptation of Brian Michael BendisPowers, the second go around at it, has some new cast photos making the Internet rounds. The first attempt didn’t make it past the Pilot stage for the FX Network, but the powers that be liked the concept material enough to give them another go at it, albeit with a different cast and moving it to the Playstation Network. Let’s take a look at the cast in costume. (more…)


PlayStation Network: The multimedia service offered on Sony‘s PlayStation game consoles is set to release its first original series, an adaptation of the comic book series Powers published by Image and written by Ultimate Spider-Man scribe Brian Michael Bendis, who will also executive produce the show.

Powers follows the adventures of a pair of “normal” cops fighting crime in a world where superheroes and villains are very real, and public knowledge. The series will star South African actor Sharlto Copley of District 9, and The Following‘s Susan Heyward, and it’s being produced by Charlie Huston. Director David Slade–known best for directing 30 Days of Night, and several episodes of NBC‘s Hannibal–will helm the first two episodes. More after the jump: (more…)

The nightmare of not playing Portal 2’s online co-op, or ripping other gamers body parts off in Mortal Kombat is over, because Playstation Network is slowly but surely coming back. The recent firmware update, 3.61, has been released. The update forces users to change their password. Upon changing the password, you’ll get an e-mail confirmation about it and from there, online multiplayer is back.

Sony recently released a video featuring President, Kaz Hirai talking about the restoration of PSN. He started off by apologizing.

The restoration process started in North America and will be making it’s way to other parts of the world, with word going around that some region in Europe has begun. As for when the Playstation Store or the “Welcome Back” Package will be released, is something we still have to wait for.

Has the last three weeks been terrible for any of you PS3 gamers? As a PS3 only gamer, it didn’t affect me that much as I have many single player games to go through. It also gave me a break from having some asshole accuse me of cheating when I whooped them. Although, I do feel bad for the folks who got their hands on Portal 2 or SOCOM and weren’t able to use the online capabilities because of the network being down.

Did this whole network outage affect your purchasing decision on Sony’s future console? Do you think Sony has to serve us Kevin Butler’s head to make it up for the outage? Tell us what you think Sony needs or don’t need to do by leaving a comment.

Source: GeekTyrant, Giant Bomb

Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the Mac). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

We got another lite edition on our hands as it seems that the video game world is taking a short break from the major release. PC gamers now have another way to purchase Super Meat Boy since the Ultra Edition is now available to purchase at retail. For $20, the Ultra Edition will get you the game, an art book, a sound track, and a poster of the sweet image that is posted above. Also on the retail side, the Nintendo 3DS gets some Rabbis action with Rabbids Travel in Time 3D.

Over on the download side, we get Red Faction: Battlegrounds on PSN and XBLA, a spin-off title that is a top-down twin-stick vehicle-based shooter. Also on the PSN side, we get StarDrone, a top-down shooter that has 3D and Playstation Move capabilities. Then we end it with a Virtual Console release on the Wii as we see the release of Hudson’s Super Bonk SNES game.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check these games out and see if any of these games will make your wallets cry!

G.R.O.W. 3/29/11: OHHH YEAH!!!

Snap Into A Slim Jim!

Snap Into A Slim Jim!

Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the Mac). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

This weeks release list is STACKED folks! As not only do we have quite the list for home release but the download side as well. From an arcade wrestling game to one of Koei Tecmo’s button masher, to a tactical shooter that features a known name in the title to a sequel from a cult series, there is pretty much something for everyone. And the same can be said about the downloads.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!



The Tuesday before the epic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is release in theaters, Playstation 3 gamers got the chance to get their digital hands on the downloadable Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. After reading all six volumes and waiting for the film to come out, this was just more of chance to add more Pilgrim to my life. Is the downloadable title worth the $10? Will fans of the series enjoy this? Also, will regular gamers find it entertaining? Find out after the jump! (more…)

mega-man-10-artworkSo, you know how Mega Man has the nick name Blue Bomber. So if one his power ups turn him brown, would he then be the Brown Bomber and thus be the $#!*… okay, I’ll stop. Capcom is once again cashing on Mega Man as the sequel to the first retro revival of Mega Man 9 (2008) has come out for the WiiWare and Playstation Network, and later this month X-Box Live Arcade, has come out this month. Mega Man 10, just like MM9, once again has gamers playing the classic 2D game play and the 8-bit graphics it was known for. 9 was a fun game but damn was that game. Check after the break for the awesome commercial Capcom released  for the game and also a review of Mega Man 10. (more…)