Internet has been kind for folks that has artistic skills and ideas for being the place to have them show their creation off while all I have to show was my old manga scanlations done on MS Paint. Juan Pablo Bravo, who did this awesome Pixar Character Size Chart, stepped his game up and jumped from two hundred characters to two hundred and fifty. He has them listed in order from the film’s release date and although it’s an estimation of their height, I say its pretty exact. Check the massive the picture out as it  may listed an old movie you may have forgotten. Also, stop by  Bravo’s page to look up some other things he has done.

Click here to view the pic.

Source: /Film, Juan Pablo Bravo

Pocahontas vs Neytiri: Whose Story Is It?


Ok, so there have been many claims made that Avatar has taken elements of other films and/or is basically another version of said films. Take for instance Ferngully and Dances with Wolves. These two have been the top two contenders for “most like” movies. And I would be obliged to agree, however, after seeing the following I have changed my opinion to be: Avatar is Pocahontas, minus the raccoon and humming bird…at least the Disney version. So, take a gander at what Matt Bateman decided to do. Here he took a simple book report on Pocahontas and tweaked it (not the order, just the words), and all I have to say is, Disney…you might have a lawsuit on your hands! Check out the book report after the jump!