Pole Dancing

Here we have two young (and legal) ladies, Bex & Amy. They are “professional” dancers. In the (SAFE FOR WORK) video below,  they perform a Super Mario Bros.-themed pole-dancing routine for some kind of pole-dancing competition.

The best part was the music. I’m not seeing much here than cheap nerd gimmicks they did to earn some kudos. Regardless, it is funny and mildy sexy, moustahces and all.

Your perception of Mario and Luigi will never be the same again.

Via: Topless Robot

Red hair and a hand-me-down pole? She must be a Weasley

Red hair and a hand-me-down pole? She must be a Weasley

Pole dancing isn’t just for strippers anymore: it’s moved into the Sexy Nerdy Girl artistic outlet zone.   Not satisfied with simple Cosplay, LethalBlonde0911 combined her love of Harry Potter Cosplay with her quite impressive skills on the pole.  Throw in a killer sound track of “Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix” by Terabyte Frenzy, and it goes from interesting to Nerdbastard Sexy is less than 60 seconds.  There’s no stripping in this . . . and LethalBlonde0911 doesn’t need to.  Her skills on the pole are more than enough to get this Nerdbastard’s full attention, and any loose bills in my wallet.

Another great example of Nerdy Pole dancing is Pyxichik’s Doctor Who interpretation.  It was delightfully sexually confusing for me to see the Doctor move that way.

source: blastr