If you live in North America, and anywhere west of the Rockies, then you’re probably freezing right now. Perhaps you can be comforted and warmed by the idea that, at least, you’re not going thorough it alone, but as it stands right now, forecasters are saying that this is going to be the coldest February on record. Being completely irrational human beings, people are looking for someone to blame. For the cold. And the good folks in Police Department of Harlan City, Kentucky, think they’ve found the culprit, Princess Elsa from Disney animated movie Frozen. Presumably, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold and the X-Man Iceman have been accounted for, so a warrant has been issued for the immediate arrest of Elsa. (more…)

This Brazilian Batman is not fighting the likes of The Joker or Two-Face to protect Gotham from criminals, but 50 year-old André Luiz Pinheiro could be the answer to combating violent criminal activity in his native Brazil.

André Luiz Pinheiro, a retired soldier who originally started dressing up as DC‘s Batman for children’s parties and other events, is being asked by local military police to help combat crime. Details are still being worked out, but Brazilian site Ovale.com has released a story on how both residents and business owners in André’s home of Taubaté, Brazil have approved of the idea.

Here’s a portion of the article, translated into English:

“The goal is that it is part of the Movement for Peace, held by various civil society organizations organized and had its first edition last Sunday. The Military Police want the ‘Batman Taubaté’ begin their work already on the 17th, when a step is carried out more work to combat crime in the neighborhood Esplanade St. Therese, one of the most violent city. The action will be part of the efforts of UAPC (Advanced Community Policing Unit) installed in the neighborhood last year by the PM for the purpose of assisting the integration between the police and the community.”

By the looks of it, André won’t be actually dealing with criminals in person, but rather becoming a public spokesperson talking to children about issues like murder and drug trafficking, both on a serious rise in the country. Still, it’s all for a good cause.  Keeping young kids from becoming career criminals is always a good thing.

As for whether or not DC is cool with one of their star comic book characters being used without permission remains to be seen, but who really cares?  This is for the kids and that’s what matters.

Source: The Mary Sue

High profile criminals frequently spend their ill-gotten gains on fast cars, loose women and living the high life, but if this is any indication then the criminal underword is way geekier then we once thought. According to the Denver Post , authorities seized “about 100 boxes of first-edition comic books sealed in plastic wrappers” after the drug bust of a local Colorado meth king.

Back in August of 2009, Aaron Castro of Commerce City, Colo., was arrested for his role as one of the leaders of a 41-person meth ring. He spent the money earned from his crimes amassing a collection of nearly 19,000 comics. The estimated value of this nerd Scarfaces collection is around $500,000, with one comic alone being noted to be valued at $3,500. His plan? To set up his own “high-end” comic book business to launder the drug money.

Castro, who also owned a Mercedes, a Lexus and an Audi, was sentenced to 45 years in prison back in November after finally getting caught for his crimes. According to a civil forfeiture complaint related to the comics, an accomplice told police that “Aaron began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books. (The underling) would meet Aaron at comic book stores to give him the drug money and had seen Aaron buy a box of comic books.”

U.S. Marshals Service have now taken to the internet to auction the collection off. Valued at half a million dollars and after a grand total 108 bids, the entire collection sold for a measly $125,050.

It’s a shame really they sold his whole collection off, 45 years behind bars seems like a good time to read 19,000 or so comic books.

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(These cops are actors…the real ones are much tougher)

Brad Pitt and the production of  World War Z, currently shooting in Budapest, are in a bit of a bind- after a Hungarian SWAT team stormed the set after learning of “live” weapons being used on set. And when we mean live, we actually mean guns that could actually kill you, not like those pussy pellet guns you try and shoot squirrels with.

Authorities seized a total of 85 firearms, ranging from sniper rifles to AK-47s. Normally guns in the movies are tweaked in order to fire blank rounds, rounds that contain all the “pop”, but contains no bullet to kill a person (or zombie actor). Being that this a big Hollywood production the last thing the studio needs is a Brandon Lee incident.

For those to young for the time Brandon Lee, son of famous Martial artist Bruce Lee, died on the set of The Crow after an improperly checked gun resulted in the death of the actor. The film was later released, but methods have changed in the way firearms are used on sets now.

A World War Z spokesperson told E! News, “We are working with the authorities to resolve the matter and have no further comment at this time.” And as far as we know Brad is pissed off.

Hajdu Janos and Zsolt Bodnar, the director and deputy director of Hungary’s Anti-Terrorism Unit, said, “Guns like these are highly illegal to transport even if they were to used as stage guns, which hopefully they weren’t.” This was a big miscalculation for filming and hopefully none of these weapons were fired on set, it’s not only dangerous it’s just plain stupid.

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Lyle Monroe Bensley, 19, is far from the vision of those sparkling bastards seen in the Stephenie Meyer series. He actually has character (Bah dum tssh)! See, Lyle thinks he’s a 500 year old vampire.

With a body covered in tattoos and wearing only boxer shorts, this lunatic forced his way into an apartment on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston and made his way into the bedroom of a woman -whose name has not been released- to uh… feed.

What a romantic.

During the course of biting and hitting of the woman in her bed, Bensley made growling and hissing noises. You see what happens when you read too much Twilight now kids? Thankfully this woman was able to break free, but only after Bensley dragged her out of the apartment. Getting away in a car driven by a neighbor who happened to be in the area at the time.

Galveston police officer Daniel Erickson said he and another officer were in the woman’s apartment building when they heard shrieking. After investigating the growling sounds and seeing Bensley in the parking lot, they gave chase and captured him shortly thereafter.

Police spokesman Capt. Jeff Heyse said  “He was begging us to restrain him because he didn’t want to kill us,” Officer Erickson said. “He said he needed to feed.”  According to Erickson, Bensley said “I’m a vampire, and I’ve been alive for over 500 years.” Emergency medical personnel determined that Bensley did not appear to be under the influence of drugs (or V for you True Blood fans), a mental health hold was placed on Bensley and his bond was set at $40,000.

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