Post-Credits scene


The post-credits scene or tag has become a staple of the comic book film since Nick Fury appeared at the very end of the first Iron Man to tell Tony Stark about a little thing called “the Avengers Initiative.” What began as a way to outwit fans who were expecting a Samuel L. Jackson cameo after it leaked in advance of Iron Man’s release has become a signature of Marvel Studios films, but not necessarily for films merely made in association with Marvel, like the X-Men films at 20th Century Fox. Having said that, with audiences now getting pre-release screenings of Deadpool, we now must ask the question: is there a post-credits scene at the end of Deadpool? (more…)


By now, the post-credits scene, or stinger, or epilogue if you like, is now a well worn trope of Marvel Studios movies. So much so that people were surprised and disappointed that they didn’t have to sit through the credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron to get a little extra something something. The trend’s even extended to the X-Men movies, which are produced by Twentieth Century Fox but are still Marvel characters, so that counts I guess. But will the trend now be extended to another Disney property? Will their be a post-credits scene with Star Wars: The Force Awakens? The rumor of the day says, “Yes.” (more…)


Do you want to know how in Lords of Kobal’s names Howard the Duck ended up in The Collector‘s ever growing miscellany of expansive paraphernalia and prized possessions in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene? For those of you who do, you’re in for a “quacking” treat because Marvel is developing a comic book story that will detail how the wise-cracking anthropomorphic noir-head got there. Now, most of you must be thinking that sounds like prequel material right? Not quite! Marvel has indicated that it is going to be a direct sequel to the concluding scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, so we can only presume that there will be details of his current predicament interspersed within new stories (more…)

Howard The Duck

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the Christmas gift that just keeps on giving, it seems. Thanks to the post-credits scene (which was originally suppose to be part of the alternate ending) in Guardians of the Galaxy, there has been a rekindled interest in the swashbuckling mallard. Now, Marvel have announced a reprinting of their Howard The Duck Omnibus, comiXology have increased their digital library of classic Howard issues and now, Marvel announced – via Entertainment Weekly – that Howard the Duck is getting his own ongoing series beginning on March 4th, 2015. Not bad for a 10 second cameo in a movie, albeit, a summer blockbuster turn movie sensation of the year! (more…)


The Marvel movies have made it more rewarding to sit through their lengthy credits with the post-credits scene. First seen at the very end of Iron Man, the short sequence between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was the beginning of what would become known as Phase 1, the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first step towards The Avengers. In that film they changed things up even a little more by including a mid-credits scene in addition to the now infamous, post-credit Shawarma scene.

Iron Man 3 continues this tradition and since the film has already held a premiere in Paris there are those – like the attendee who gave this description to Latino-Review – who are willing to share just what the new post-credits sequence is. Want to know? Hit the jump for their description. Obvious SPOILER warning, is obvious.