Poster Art

Even though trailers have become the hottest way to display a new upcoming film, before the internet boomed posters used to take that role. Plastered across movie theater walls, they had to encapsulate the essence of a movie in a single, beautiful, wordless frame. The posters were an artform all on their own.

Movie posters aren’t as drooled over as before, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some damn some beautiful ones. After all, the John Wick 3 poster has completely floored fans.

With such a beautiful image on the tips of our brains and fluttering our hearts, let’s take a look back at other posters that give wonderful eyegasms and other artistic feels to anyone who sees them.

Some of these designs have inspired and impressed for decades; prepare for some serious optical pleasure.  (more…)

The promotion continues for Doctor Who‘s upcoming Christmas special. This here is the new poster art for the episode, “The Snowmen.” As you can see we’ve got The Doctor in the new duds we saw in the prequel minisode and trailer. Is it a one episode wardrobe change or is this his new look? And are he and Clara hanging off the TARDIS above Victorian London? Sure looks like it.

Check out the full version below, and make sure you click it to enjoy its full glory.

“The Snowmen” premieres December 25, 2012 on BBC America, BBC ONE, and SPACE!

Source: Doctor Who Official Tumblr


Hey look, it’s another set of poster art and it’s full of superheroes that people love. Mark Grambau, who has said that he himself has an unhealthy obsession of superheroes, got his art on with these simple yet awesome silhouette poster art. By using some colors, a quote, and the silhouette of the character, Grambau was able to show just who are these superheroes and what they’re about. Check after the jump to see if your favorite character got their own silhouette poster and also, head over to Grambau’s website to check out his other art/project.

Source: Comics Alliance, Mark Grambau’s Website (more…)


Ever since I started writing for this site, I have seem many (and have posted many) poster art posts and I think this may be one of my favorites since gaming is my second love (food being my first). Anyway, the Brians over at IGN has come up with some poster art for video games. The posters are basically retro advertisements but instead of regular products, these poster are advertising power up’s as products.

From Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda, there are 12 posters and I wonder how many of ya’ll will be able to recognize all of them. The Bubble Bobble one is may favorite as well as the Metal Gear one. Click after the jump to check out the posters and tell us which one you like. (more…)


Looking for some motivation? Some thing to give ya that push in life? How about some posters that will give ya that motivation you’re looking for? No, not those regular ones thats black all over with a picture and word. I’m talking about these propaganda ones that interpret a past arcade game. The folks at Think Geek has a set of 5 propaganda posters for people to purchase. Artist, Steven Thomas, took 5 old school arcade games and created some unique motivation art with them.

Let’s see if ya’ll can recognize what game each poster is by checking out larger images after the jump. Also, if you do like these posters, Think Geek do sell them as a set so head over there if ya want and pay for your motivation.



I always liked to draw but the best I could do was make a superhero with a basketball as a head and named him Boom-Shaka-Laka Man, yeah… too much NBA JAM one night. Anyways, Tom Whalen has been making awesome poster art, and like the Star Wars one you see above, he has done a lot others that most of ya’ll will recognize and also appreciate as well.

Check out more poster art after the jump. Did I also mention that Boom-Shaka-Laka Man also had a pet dog that had a basketball as its body… yea, sorry, here are some more poster art (more…)