Pow Entertainment

The guy who breathed life into Hugh Jackman‘s Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot movie will now do the same for the latest sensational Stan “the Man” Lee find! Ok, Stan Lee really hasn’t a ‘sensational find’ in decades, but lets give him a chance on this one.

According to Showblitz Real Steel and Bourne Legacy scribe Dan Gilroy will adapt a concept developed by Lee at his POW! Entertainment which was then acquired by Magic Storm who envision The Annihilator as a studio-level picture capable of appealing to Asian and global audiences. Don’t know who The Annihilator is?

Well there is more after the jump, true believer.


Stan Lee

In a press conference on Wednesday, Stan Lee introduced to us, three new characters that will be making their debuts in the coming months. Lee’s Pow Entertainment has joined forces with Boom for these three series, and has come up with Soldier Zero, The Traveler and Starborn. Let’s take a closer look at the three.

Soldier Zero has been written by Paul Cornell, with artwork by Javier Pina, and will be launching in October. Zero is a teacher, confined to his wheelchair, who gets bonded to an alien weapon. Cornell says Soldier Zero:

“is a chap who is in a wheelchair, who gets the chance, bonded with this alien soldier, to be out of the chair doing extraordinary superheroic stuff.”

The Traveler was written by Boom Studios’ chief creative officer, Mark Waid, with artwork done by Chad Hardin (Amazing Spider-Man). The Timetraveler is obviously a time-traveler, but he gets caught up with future super-powered assassins known as Split-Second Men. Waid says:

“The hero doesn’t play by the standard rules of time-travel stories…This guy doesn’t care whether he messes with history or not.”

Starborn was wirtten by Chris Roberson (I, Zombie) with artwork by Khary Randolph, and will be hitting stores come December. Starborn is tour typical “earth guy” who just happens to discover that he is the heir to an extraterrestrial empire. Roberson says:

“It’s so intellectually complex it makes Star Wars seem like a quickie.”

So there you have it. Something to look forward to in the next few months. Thanks to Gizmodo and Underwire for the info.