Power Rangers Reboot


The Power Rangers team is now complete with the casting of Becky Gomez (Singer Becky G.) as the Yellow Ranger. She joins Red Ranger Dacre Montogomery, Pink Ranger Naomi Scott, Black Ranger Ludi Lin, and Blue Ranger RJ Cyler in director Dean Israelite‘s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot. I’m left to wonder.. who the hell is gonna play Zordon!?!?! (more…)


The Power Rangers reboot might have to change its theme song lyrics from GO-GO Power Rangers to Search-Search Power Rangers (For a new director), as word around the Internet watercooler has director Roberto Orci bowing out of the big screen reboot of Saban and Linosgate’s live action Power Rangers reboot. Why’s he dropping out and who might take his place? (more…)