Power rangers


Now that the Power Rangers reboot has hit screens across the globe, it seems that the world is still interested in those morphin’ teens, which should come as no surprise to fans of the series.  One of the Power Rangers’ biggest supporters is Dredd producer, Adi Shankar.  When we last spoke with Adi, he had lots to say about his upcoming Castlevania adaptation.  While excitement for that one continues to build, we caught up with Adi who shared his thoughts on the new version of the Power Rangers, why The Avengers are outdated, and why the X-Men will always be better than the heroes sitting at the Tower. We also tried to ask him about the rumor that he’s on the short list to direct the Sony Spider-Man villain spin-off film Venom but we advised by his publicist to not talk or ask any questions about that (we’ll let you think what means).  (more…)

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was perfectly harmless. I mean, if you ignored the hysteria of some parents groups worried about their kids karate chopping their friends on the playground. But the series was about five clean-cut teens who were always working out, or community organizing when they weren’t fighting rubber monsters in spandex. Angel Grove was so clean cut even the bullies hanged out at the juice bar, but as with all reboots, you’re going to have to forget all that. In this Power Rangers, the heroes are a post-modern breakfast club fighting the creature from the black lagoon, and then things get weird. (more…)

Now that the new Power Rangers film has hit theaters, many fans have begun to look to the future of the franchise. Considering the fact that there are currently five sequels planned, that future could be a bit more Rangers-rich than expected.  With so many iterations of the team through the source material, Saban has plenty of history to draw from, while establishing this new vision of the uber silly, uber fun kids series.  Sure, there may be some fans excited to see if Bulk and Skull will show up in future installments (yeah…probably not…) but the fans that have fought alongside the Rangers from the other side of the television screen since the beginning have another character request: Tommy Oliver.  Well, thanks to a new motion poster and a not-too-subtle midcredits scene, audiences may have an idea when the fan favorite Ranger may show up. (more…)

Power Rangers opens in theatres everywhere today, and if you’re a 90s kid, then you already knew that and had this day circled on your calendar for a long while. But because its 2017, it isn’t just enough to think about one movie, you have to think about the series. Take Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for example, before we even got the first movie, we were told we’re going to get five. As for the Power Rangers, if this weekend goes well, we’re not just going to get a trilogy of Power Rangers movies, we’re going to get two trilogies! (more…)

Let’s face it; the most common stereotype in superhero flicks is the damsel in distress. With most superheroes, the conflict between love and their responsibilities as a hero typically sits as the pinnacle of the entire film, and for good reason. After all, who enjoyed watching Gwen Stacy fall to her death in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Still, despite there being a clear pattern in these films, many filmmakers have begun to remove this outdated stereotype and include entirely new images of superheroes. With countless female superheroes finally making their way onto the big screen and plenty of them being different ethnicities, it only makes sense that the modern rendition of The Power Rangers would continue this trend even further.  (more…)

In recent years, television and cinema have been dominated by characters that are already familiar to most of their audience. Creating shows based on characters and stories that already have a fan base guarantees a certain amount of traffic and, now that a lot of the original audience are grown, helps to reboot the franchise for younger generations. It’s a model that’s proving successful for all kinds of brands. But it does put certain restrictions on the content created. For instance, consistently sticking to a child friendly rating restricted the choices creators have open to them when they want to address the adults watching. (more…)


Say what you want about the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but it had a formula. It began with the Rangers in their civilian identities hanging out, usually doing some community organizing or another wholesome activity for non-threatening young people, all while Rita Repulsa was hatching some new world domination scheme on the Moon. And then – BOOM! – Putty attack! And we’re off to the races as the Rangers are once again called upon to save the day. What ever monster Rita would throw at the Earth, it would be preceded by a wave of easily defeated Putties, and so will it be with Power Rangers the movie. (more…)


Everyone’s had those moments on the Internet, the “What the @#$% did I just watch!?!” This is your “What the @#$% did I just watch!?!” moment of the day brought to you by Woodrocket, the porn parody site that will make a crappy porn parody of anything. Case in point, there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out next year, so naturally there should be a new Power Rangers porn parody. Click through to take a look at the slightly NSFW trailer. (more…)