Power-Up Box


Every month, Power-Up Box sends you a mystery box filled with geek essentials: collectibles, t-shirts, treats and more. From price, to quick shipping, to geek approved contents, Power-Up Box will have you singing swiggity swooty I’m coming for that booty (as in pirate’s booty, aka loot, aka treasure).

We’ve been telling you about this service for a few months now (See April and May boxes), and here we are again. Power-Up Box was kind another to send us their June box. Head on after the jump to get a reveal at what mystery items lay hidden enclosed, and decide on whether this monthly subscription service is for you.  (more…)


Last month we told you about Power-Up Box , the newest nerdy subscription service. Here we are again. The good folks over at Power-Up Box were nice enough to send us their May box, which we got at the very end of May. Before we reveal what lays within, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what a cool and fun concept this is.

When we were children, birthdays ruled! We got to be a year older, a year bigger, we got cartoon and comic book-themed parties, cake, ice cream, and tons of kick-ass presents that we actually wanted. We basically got to be celebrities for a day, just for not dying 365 days in a row. Pretty awesome, right? (more…)