Powers season 2

It had an interesting concept. The cast was pretty solid and well known in the sci-fi community. Sadly, in the end, nothing could help the show Powers save itself from it’s inevitable doom. And after two seasons, the PlayStation Network has decided to cancel the super hero themed show. The news came when writer, Brian Michael Bendis, took to twitter to announce the cancellation. However, also in that tweet was hope that the show would find a new home on another platform. With a show like Supergirl as a leading example, anything is possible.



Word is making the Internet rounds that Wil Wheaton (STNG, Tabletop) has joined the cast of Playstation‘s Powers. You’ve probably seen talk about Powers online, but aside for the pilot episode one can find on Youtube, you, or one of your friends, has got to have a Playstation to watch the series. That has certainly limited the audience that Powers could have developed, but Sony is determined not to just give it away. There are ways though, read on to find out how you can watch Powers without owning a Playstation. (more…)