This isn’t the beginning of the end, just because Nerd Bastards is talking about a star’s pregnancy doesn’t mean we’re devolving into a gossipy star-f#@%ing website, but what we propose here is a completely legit question: How might Scarlett Johansson‘s recently revealed pregnancy affect the shooting of Avengers: Age of Ultron? I mean, it’s not like Ultron‘s the sequel to the third biggest movie of all time, and it’s not like director Joss Whedon previously said that Johansson’s character, Black Widow, plays a very big/important role in the film. Actually, it’s a lot like that, so what will happen? (more…)


Man, I don’t fucking know. Sometimes here at NB we get shit that shouldn’t exist on the internet let alone be reported on, but we do anyway. Why? Because we were super high when we found it and thought “YESSSSSSSSSSS THAT is newsworthy.” After the jump check out the full size version as well as one Nerds opinions on why this picture is vastly inaccurate… the fact that Batman is a man isn’t mentioned until # 8 on his list. (more…)