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The cinematic landscape has been littered with remakes and reboots almost since the first moving pictures were shown commercially. But lately we have been getting new versions of classic pictures that are still very much in the public consciousness such as Total Recall (2012) and this year’s Point Break. That neither of these was either wanted or well received seems to be beyond the point. And the recent trend for basically effectively remaking an original film with some of the older characters still present also seems to also be gaining traction, although efforts such as Creed (Rocky all over again) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it’s the same story!) are at least excellent viewing.  (more…)

Art and Time Travel Collide

The following is a guest post by Angela Wagner who went to the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles to cover this story. 

Time Travel. We’ve all seen the movies, tried to wrap our minds around the concept, fantasized about the possibilities, maybe even passively questioned the logistics. For most of us though this is a fleeting distraction from the here and now, before we snap back to present tense. But for Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch their post film debates on the feasibility of bending the space-time continuum became a bit of an obsession, specifically the ways in which the actual science was manipulated for the convenience of narrative form. Their fixation turned into research that turned into the highly original book, So You Created A Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel.

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