Prince Charles


Prince Charles, as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, is touring New Zealand with his wife Camilla. The Prince of Wales spent part of his 64th birthday visiting with The Lord Of The Rings director Sir Peter Jackson and touring Jackson’s WETA workshop.

What a fantastic way to spend your birthday. He was shown costumes, props of the film, and met with actors and special effects and props masters.

The Prince watched and chatted with actor Peter Hambleton, who plays the Dwarf Gloin in the new film, as he had his make-up applied.

Another great part of the prince’s visit was when actor Mark Hadlow, who plays Dori, one of the dwarfs in the film, drops to his knees and offers to be the Prince’s servant for the day.

“Your Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, I am Dori the dwarf and on this special day your birthday, I offer myself at the request of Sir Peter Jackson for you to command as you see fit, your servant Dori,”

I love that Dori mentions the dwarf beatings that Sir Peter Jackson has threatened and committed in the past. They all seem to be having a lot of fun amidst all the hard work of making the movie. With the amount of time they will be spending together during the next years of filming, it’s important they can all have a good time and get along.

Via: Ain’t It Cool News

That’s Sir Christopher Lee!


In case you missed it Christopher Lee A.K.A Count Dooku/ Count Chocula has been knighted. The Ceremony held on October 30th at Buckingham Palace, the legendary actor was knighted by Prince Charles of England on behalf of his mother, the Queen of England (duh!) The 87-year-old, has appeared in over 250 films stretching over 61 years.  Side note:  So this guy was old when most of us where born but holy hell he’s not looking to good. We may have to start a celebrity death pool.