Pokemon Go has become the biggest thing to hit mobile gaming since Angry Birds. If you’re not playing Pokemon, and looking for pocket monsters in all the corners of your home town, you’re nobody! On the other hand, if you’re not playing Pokemon Go on your Apple device, you might have dodged a bullet because some privacy concerns have arisen for those that have granted “full access” to their Google account through the game. That means the Pokemon is the one that’s going to catch them all, and by “them” we mean all your Google emails, documents, contacts, images, et al. (more…)

The annals of science fiction film and television are filled with tales of actors appearing in a beloved story and never again being able to dig their career out of the corner their very popular SF alteregos put them in.

But David Tennant says he’s cool. The highly popular Tenth Doctor from the seminal British SF series Doctor Who, in an interview with Radio Times, says that he has yet to feel the death’s kiss of typecasting, and he continues to enjoy positive opportunities coming from his time as The Doctor.

“I’m very glad it happened. Mercifully, I haven’t been typecast and it opened more doors than it closed. I was never bored, but I wanted to make sure I left before it became a job. It’s still thriving and Matt Smith is brilliant in the part.”

On the downside though, Tennant says that there is an aspect of fame that can be problematic, but not unexpected:

“Of course I lost a certain amount of right to privacy, which is not what I’d choose, but I accept. No one can teach you what it’s like to be observed in public. I remember, before I was that person, watching well-known people walk into a room—you imbue them with inner confidence and a slightly royal presence. Yet when it’s you, it’s terrifying. The world’s perception of you has changed while you remain the same.

“You understand what you’re getting into by being on TV. I’m not that naive. But there’s a sense everyone in the public eye has to have moral purity. I don’t see why, because you’re in a TV programme, you have to be perfect.”

Nice to see that Ten is living regret free two-and-a-half years after leaving the TARDIS.

Source: Blastr