Product Placement


As the dust settles from the great Ant-Man scandal of ’14, there’s still odd bits of news coming in as to why director Edgar Wright left in the first place. It’s more or less canonical that Wright walked away after Marvel tried to hand him a script a script that was more user friendly for Marvel’s shared universe idea, but one source says there’s more to it than that. In an effort to beef up their coffers, he says, Disney was pushing for some degree of product placement in Ant-Man. That, combined with the script issues, made Wright run for the door. (more…)

It’s safe to say AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is a hit show. When it premiered a little less than a year ago, it gave the network the highest ratings to date. The first season finale received 6 million viewers, a series high; with 4 million viewers in the 18–49 demographic, making it the most watched basic cable series for the demographic. Numbers like that make Marketing Executives drool like a zombie dropped in the middle of a chess club.

The fine folks brain leaches at Microsoft wanted a little piece of that action. A little over a year ago they approached AMC with an idea to work the 21st century answer to “Ask Jeeves” into the show.

From the New York Times:

“The thing is that it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie concept,” where all power grids have been destroyed, explained Melissa Wasserman, the vice president of advertising sales marketing at AMC. “So people aren’t using their computers or phones in the show.”

“We pitched them last year where maybe the characters could find a library with a generator and do a Bing search,” said Sean Carver, a marketing director at Bing, who acknowledged the scene was a stretch.

A stretch? I didn’t get the best marks in high school english, does “a stretch” mean “an idea so colossally bad it makes me want to slam my own testicles in the refrigerator door till I forget I ever heard it?” – Maybe I should Bing that… yea, like anyone uses Bing.

But wait, there is more!