Professor Ivo


Arrow is surely hitting its stride. Last night’s episode, “The Promise” was a true pleasure to watch, especially for those who’ve stuck with the series through all its hiccups and growing pains. In the past, Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) and Slade Wilson’s (Manu Bennet) relationship is disintegrating before our eyes, while in the present the two pace around each other like prize fighters–neither too sure who’ll land the first blow. The tension they manage to build in this episode is unlike anything the CW drama could have pulled off a year ago, and it’s all the evidence needed if you’re still wondering if Arrow‘s worth watching.


When Arrow was first being pitched as a concept offering a fresh spin on the Green Arrow legacy, I wasn’t really buying into it. Christopher’s Nolan’s vision of Batman was a new direction for the films, but not a drastic change from what had been happening for years in the comics. So how different, really, would this television series be from the typical origin of the emerald archer?

Turns out, quite different, and to more success than I initially imagined.  (more…)