Project Natal


Uh oh, just like what happened to Sony when the PSP Go was revealed at last years E3, some one turned the switch on to an ad to reveal Microsoft’s E3 surprise.

A few hours before the Cirque du Soleil/Natal event, a certain Italian web site released an ad which showed the above “slim” 360. The new 360 will have a 250 GB HDD, built in Wi-Fi, and compatible with Kinect. Which is now the new official name of Microsoft‘s motion control camera, Project Natal. This is pretty much all that’s known with the console but we did get quite the info of the upcoming Kinect.

Just as everyone wished for since the announcement of Natal, people will be able to interact with the NXE dashboard in a Minority Report style motion. As far as games goes, there are Kinectic Sports, which will be the collection of sports mini-games. Joyride will be a racing game while Dance Central, made by Rock Band’s Harmonix, is a dance rhythm game.  Kinectic Adventures will have you go through river rafting while Kinectimals will have you train animals. There will also be a Star Wars and a Disney game coming out as well.

Seeing how this is suppose to extend the 360’s console life, has Microsoft done what it needs to do so? What do ya’ll think? Is Microsoft being too ambitious with the whole motion camera idea or is this what the 360 needed to get an even larger audience?

Source: Giant Bomb, Game Informer


How much would you pay to dodge fake red balls in your living room? Well, with the power of your imagination, it would be free but Microsoft wants the money. Rumors for the pricing of Microsoft’s motion camera has been talked about ever since the announcement of the project. With talks going as high to $500 to as low as $50, a source from Edge magazine may have brought us one of Microsoft’s E3 announcement a bit early for us. According to the source, Natal will be priced at $149 with the release date falling some time around October 26th. The source also said that Natal will be bundle with the 360 Arcade unit, which is priced at $199.99 at the moment, for $299. If this source is to be trusted, is this price just right for ya gamers?

Knowing that Sony has announced that most bundles for the Playstation Move, which will include a PS3 Eye, the Move controller, and a game that supports the Move, will be under $100; should Microsoft lower the price to match the Move bundle price? Both Sony and Microsoft is trying to rip off and steal the Wii audience, but also try to extend the shelf life for both current gen consoles by doing this. Do ya’ll think it’s too late for both companies to jump on the motion control bandwagon (even though Sony had the PS2 Eye before the Wii) or will this give you more reason to play with the consoles. Microsoft seems to be pushing Natal since they will have Cirque du Soleil to help promote it a day before E3…yup, you read that right.

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