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Ridley Scott got a mixed reception with his recent release of Prometheus, some thinking it was great and others feeling like it was full of holes.  And while this Nerdbastard will admit there were more than a few problems with the film, I also think that there weren’t as many holes and many would like to claim.

One big-as-fck issue I had with it (as did the world at large) was the “WTF?!” moment when Millburn, the mentally handicapped biologist decided that playing pet-pet with a potentially dangerous alien life form was a good idea.  Never mind the fact that it could be filled with disease, poisonous as hell or any number of other bad things that could kill him.

So was Millburn really just that fkn stupid, or is there a method to his madness?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  The Blu-ray release of Prometheus is coming soon and with it many deleted scenes that may explain away some of the movie’s nonsense.  One of them happens to give a slight bit more insight into the Millburn conundrum.

Check out the following clip to get a sort-of explanation to his stupidity:

He’s still not the smartest monkey in the barrel, but it does at least establish the character’s awe over new forms of life.  All-in-all, it probably wasn’t the best scene to leave out of the final cut, whether you agree with the set-up or not.

Check out more exciting deleted scenes when the Prometheus Blu-ray releases on October 9th.  For those of you who can’t read a calendar, that’s one week from today.


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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was a movie that met with some very mixed responses.  Some (myself included) enjoyed the fact that Scott chose to not spell out every single element, leaving many of the story and atmospheric elements mysterious and subject to speculation.  Others had trouble figuring out what the movie was about, preferring instead if Scott would have been a little more clear-cut.  The upcoming Blu-ray release may be a boon to both sides of the argument, offering up an extra 35 minutes of footage that ended up deleted from the final cut.

Whether you prefer being left in the dark or need the spoon-fed experience, another 35 minutes is a definite boon to the film.  Scott has already mentioned some of the scenes that got axed, including an extended beginning with the Engineers adding their genetic stuff to Earth and an actual conversation with the awoken Engineer before he went ape-shit and started killing everyone.  The rest of what got taken out can only be implied from the following list of the 14 missing scenes:


00:00:58:05 – T’IS THE SEASON

00:00:42:08 – OUR FIRST ALIEN

00:00:42:14 – SKIN




00:00:23:12 – DAVID’S OBJECTIVE


00:03:40:12 – A KING HAS HIS REIGN

00:02:01:24 – FITFIELD ATTACKS


00:05:30:04 – FINAL BATTLE

00:05:05:19 – PARADISE

The last scene almost makes me wonder if Scott had a different plan for the ending, perhaps one he changed in order to make the film into one piece of a larger franchise plan.

Personally, I’m hoping they provide an option to view the whole thing with deleted scenes included.  I really hate having to go through them separately, watching them out-of-context.  Now if only they had an option to improve the acting in the movie, we’d be set.

The Prometheus Blu-ray is set to release on October 9th and will hopefully calm the nerd-rage of many Alien fans.


Thanks to slashfilm for the heads-up.