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With the new season seven trailer set to be released tomorrow there’s plenty of buzz around Doctor Who‘s return this fall with “Asylum of the Daleks.” In addition to that new trailer we’re expecting BBC to release a handful of new promotional photos and it appears one of them leaked early.

This is your last warning before I unleash this insane image on your unprepared retinas.

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Start your morning off right with a big bowl of sugary super bits! Part of a balanced comic book movie breakfast.

Look! It’s Batman. Or, at least it’s Christian Bale posing dramatically as Batman in this newest promo image from The Dark Knight Rises. Guessing from the pose and the horribly blue background this is a shot that once dosed with some CGI would be perfect for toy packaging or any other kind of marketing. It does offer one fantastic look at the new batsuit and Bale looks plenty badass. Blue background notwithstanding. What d’ya think?

The Dark Knight Rises releases July 20th.

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