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Earlier today, a few images for the upcoming Entertainment Weekly issue showcasing Marvel’s upcoming sequel: Thor: Ragnarok were released. We were able to get a first look at newcomers Hela (Cate Blanchett) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thomson) as well as see the titular hero Thor (Chris Hemsworth) sporting new gladiator armor and weapons (as well as a new haircut). Well, it looks like there are more for us to feast on for the upcoming issue.



Star Trek Into Darkness releases a mere five weeks from now! Man, how time flies. I swear it was only yesterday I sat in a darkened theatre fearing the worst from J.J. Abrams’ update of the classic Enterprise crew only to be pleasantly, pleasantly surprised. Some of these recently released via Paramount images we’ve already seen, but now all these promotional images are available in high quality. There’s also plenty of new shots, like ones featuring Jon Cho as Sulu, Bones (Karl Urban) treating John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), and a couple behind-the-scenes shots.

Check ’em all out in the gallery below the cut.


The season finale of what might be the best season of Doctor Who yet, at the very least the most shocking, comes to a close October 1st with the epsiode, “The Wedding of River Song.” I’m sure we could discuss for hours what that ominous title means. I’m guessing it’ll have little to do with two people being joined in matrimony, but will all of River’s secrets be revealed? Part of me wants to know it all, so I can finally wrap my head around her whole confusing, timey-wimey continuity, but then again, a part of me wants River always shrouded in mystery and warning us not to peak at spoilers.

What I can confirm is eyepatches must be very in style, and the Doctor has been neglecting his hair dresser. Check out the gallery below and share any theories you might have about what this finale is all about.

Source: Bleeding Cool

We have less then four weeks until the second half of Doctor Who series 6 hits the airwaves, but the first promotional picture has hit the who-niverse. It does turn into a bit of a mindfuck though, with not one, not two but 3 Ponds in one shot. Somebody pinch me.

From left to right we have a Silent, Rory, a Pond, The Doctor, a Pond  and… another Pond? Knowing how smart (and crazy) some Doctor Who fans can be someone will more then likely figure out why this shot takes place in a desert with lightening and a pyramid.

Check out the full size shot after the jump

At the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas (Yes, it’s an actual thing.) the studios are set to premiere the promotional logos for their big, upcoming movies. Of course, the movies requiring the much-hyped advertising and licensing are the comic book movies and we’ve got  sneak peaks of their logos. Are they amazing, new and different? No, but hey, it’s the beginning of the promotional push for films like Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises, Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel and Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man, so you know, be at least a little excited.

In addition to these revealed logos, Marvel has released the first promotional image for The Avengers. It shows the whole team in costume, and it’s our first real look at Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. The Hulk doesn’t look all that different from any other time we’ve seen him, but whatever, it’s only their first image. Check out the new logos and the first team picture of The Avengers in the gallery below,

All right, so the logo images are a little fuzzy as it appears some one just snapped these slyly with their camera phone. I’d expect to be seeing some official releases soon. But how snazzy is that Avengers pic? Team’s lookin’ good, right?

sources: GeekTyrant, ComicsAlliance