Admit it, you’ve always wanted to own something from one of your favorite movies. Rubbing that piece of movie memorabilia over your naked body (everyone wants to do that, right?) is worth shelling out several months rent, right? Well, you’re in luck, Marvel is auctioning off pieces of Iron-man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. Everything from Black Widow’s catsuit to Iron Man’s suitcase armor, samples of Bruce Banner’s blood and MOAR!

Check out the official press release from the site as well as details on how to bid.


To all the Stargate fans out there, here’s your chance to bid on some Stargate memorabilia from 15 seasons! Propworx (Battlestar Galactica auctions) is back to bring us Stargate Artifacts up for auction. Memorabilia will be up for sale on ebay as well as two live auctions. Over the next few months you be will be seeing thousands of items up for sale including, but not limited to, costumes, props and even parts of the Stargate. To learn more about the ebay items that will be for sale check out But for a quick tour check out the top 20 items the Stargate Command (aka Propworx Warehouse) has stored at the warehouse (after the jump).

Source SciFiWire