We’ve learned about the dynamics behind Daenerys’ dragons, and now we’re getting a closer look at the workings of a White Walker.  To be more specific, Game of ThronesYoutube channel uploaded a behind the scenes video of the making of the prostheses for the show.  The pieces aren’t only used exclusively on White Walkers, but it seems they undergo the most prosthetic-wise.  And after watching the video, you may notice that it looks almost as painstaking to stay in that getup all day as it looks to create it!  Prosthetic Designer for Game of Thrones Barrie Gower narrates the short video, which clocks in at just under 4 minutes.  He explains the artistic process behind creating the prostheses, from getting the briefing of a character, to creating a design concept that’s practical enough to be worn all day. (more…)

So you’re fighting your father when all of a sudden…Bam! off goes your hand, so much for getting to play ‘patty cake’ anytime soon. Thankfully good old medical droid 2-1B is there to give you a awesome looking cybernetic hand, too bad your not Luke Skywalker though.

If we lose a hand all we use to get were hooks or castings that looked like a hand. Thankfully people from our time that have lost that ability to high five are now one step closer to getting that hand from Star Wars. The Lightsabers…that’s another story.

24 year old Patrick opted to be fitted with a state of the art bionic hand after losing his own from an accidental electrocution. While Patrick’s hand isn’t as advanced as Skywalker’s it does have the ability to open, close and rotate a full 360 degrees using  nerve signals from his brain. He is, in effect, controlling it with his mind! It might not be the force we all know and love but it’s definitely a good start.  The prosthetics, made by Otto Bock (who is possibly a Transformer. I’m not sure), pick up the signals from nerve’s in the forearm, using electrodes attached to the skin. For those that hate science as much as the next guy it means that your a walking battery powering your new hand, no need to ever recharge or replace the batteries.

See Patrick’s amazing hand below:


Via: Geekosystem


(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

Who wouldn’t want to tap someone on the shoulder with it?

OK you sick NerdBastards, it’s time to come clean.  96% of you saw the word Tentacle and immediately wondered if this research was being funded by the Shokushu Goukan (Tentacle rape) Japanese erotica industry or the producers of a remake of Corben’s Galaxy of Terror.   Wow, I feel dirty just writing about that.  Shower dirty, not the naughty, but good kinda dirty.

While half of you keep sitting there thinking, “I can’t believe he went there!?!” Let’s look at the PROSTHETIC arm design of Kaylene Kau, recently displayed at the 2010 University of Washington Design Show (above).

Prosthetic Arm
Research found that the prosthetic arm of upper-limb amputees was primarily used as an aid (e.g. holding and gripping) to the dominant existing hand.  As a result this prosthetic arm’s main feature is adaptable grip, which allows the user to hold a wide variety of items of different shapes and sizes.
This is an interestingly different look at the solution to a problem I wish no one had to face.  People all over the world though are faced with tough situations that this prosthetic design and others can help.  If I were a kid facing the choice between the traditional prosthetic and the tentacle, I think I might go with the tentacle.  Kau’s great design wasn’t the only one at the WU Design Show, there are a number of other prosthetic arm projects that can be seen on the uwdesign website.

While your there check out the other projects on Kaylene’s student page.  Cool stuff!