proton pack


Yesterday director Paul Feig tweeted out the first look at the new Ghostbusters Reboot/Re-imagining uniforms. Today he’s keeping the momentum going with a first look at the Proton Packs. Cosplayers across the globe will be scrambling to put together this new version of a fan favorite for their next convention. So check out the new Proton Pack look and let us know what you think about it. (more…)

Grab yourself a Mountain Dew, take a piss while your up, come back and plant your butt down. When you get all nice and settled we’d like you to behold nerdbastards list of the Most Iconic Movie Weapons! We’ve kept this list isolated to hand-held weapons because fictional WMD’s would be a whole other list entirely. We are pretty confident that we have listed every noteworthy gun, sharp object and everything in between. The list is in no particular order but it is a definitive layout of the most recognizable weapons in cinematic history. Our thought process here was nothing special, in fact it was simple. If you had to struggle to think about a weapon then it shouldn’t be considered to be in the pantheon of most memorable.
Will you agree with our choices? Maybe. Will you be up at arms with what we didn’t list? We‘re expecting pitch forks and torches. Even if you don’t agree with us and think our list is complete shit we’ve included a few fun facts to ensure that you will have walked away with a modicum of enjoyment. (more…)