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In a galaxy far, far away in 1992, I rented a game from Blockbuster called Super Star Wars for the SNES. And it was one of the best games I played during my childhood. Hopefully, it was also one of your best memories. This game seemed to have it all, and more. In fact, it had more than I remembered because when I looked up some game play to remind myself what the game was all about, there were levels I didn’t remember playing. The ones I do remember, though, brought back all those feelings of fun, excitement, and utter frustration. Feelings I can’t wait to relive when the games gets re-released this week on PS4 and PS Vita.


They still make fighter games?

It’s hard to believe that the Street Fighter franchise hasn’t jumped the video game shark waaaaaayyy before this. Street Fighter X Tekken is sure making a good case that the shark is jumped, then backed over multiple times.

Joining the battle are Mega Man,


I gotta cut in here. This isn’t the cute Mega Man you all know and love . . . this is the Hobo Mega Man down at the corner whose breath smells like feet and Old Spice.

                                                                      Pac Man,

OK, it’s Pac Man with robot armor, not Tony Stark armor, more like Fred Sanford armor. (Google him ya young whippersnappers)

                                                                                         Cole from Infamous, and some Japanese cat mascots Kuro and Toro. These fighters will be exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Who knows what you might get for the other platforms, maybe the PC version will get all of them?

Today we finally got our first look at the upcoming PS3, PS Vita and PC game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. And while it’s exciting to see the Doctor and River running around on some new adventure, particularly one you can play a part in, it’s a little underwhelming to see how much of the game plays like a 2-D platformer. This would be fine if this were a downloadable game, but as a full release it’s disapointing.

Still, it looks like a fun game in where you’ll have the chance to play as both the Doctor and River, beingm of course, voiced by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. Now, other have pointed out, and I’ll have to agree, that only River is seen using a gun. I don’t find that strange at all, but we don’t see the Doctor doing anything similar, meaning you might end up playin mostly as River. And I’m kinda okay with that, but then it doesn’t really fufill the promise of a DOCTOR Who video game. More like a River Song Kicks A Lot of Ass Game. Which, again, I’m okay with.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think?

Source: Topless Robot