MOR-TAL KOM-BAT! Coming up on the annual tease for all things video game, the E3 Convention in Los Angeles, NetherRealm Studios has dropped their first look-see at the upcoming tenth Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat X. The game will be released across most platforms – PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC – in 2015, but the general public and the media will get to sample the goods next week at E3. As a taste of things to come, the studio has released today a teaser trailer featuring an epic rematch between Sub Zero and Scorpion. Are you ready to take your first look at the game? Of course, you are. (more…)


The “Legofication” of the world continues, as Warner Bros. & TT Games released an announcement trailer for Lego Batman III: Beyond Gotham today. Pretty soon we’re going to be able to play all of our favorite characters in Lego form. I personally cannot wait for the Lego version of David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, just so I can see what Lego gynecological instruments look like.  (more…)

PS4 to Come Out Before Christmas?


According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony will, indeed, introduce the Sony Playstation 4 on February 20th. The article goes on to say that Sony is expected to push the system to market before the end of this year, but nothing is known about what else will be revealed in three weeks time.

Last week, Kotaku published an article that featured loads of information on the new system, though there is still no confirmation from Sony that the specs and details presented in that article are real.

Luckily, Nerd Bastards has obtained official… nah, I’m just fucking around. Can you imagine? Shit, that would be awesome for us. Anyway…

The big questions facing Sony will likely come down to price point, developer support, and look. Casual gamers don’t know what to make of spec lists — they need to be wowed visually, and if Sony wants to take this apparent head-start and really seize momentum, they’re going to have to ring in this announcement with some visual fireworks that show us what the next generation of consoles looks like.

They also need to tell us how Orbis, or PS4, represents a clear upgrade over present systems. Times are tough, and people aren’t going to lay out hundreds of dollars unless they know that they are buying a piece of the future.

Microsoft will have the same pressures when they announce firm details and a release date for their Xbox 360 successor, an announcement that, I imagine, won’t be far behind Sony’s.

Some of gamings heaviest hitters have already been revealed at E3, with Lara Croft, Assassins CreedGod of War, Star Wars, The Avengers, and exciting IP’s like The Last of Us, Beyond, and Watch Dogs all showing off some kind of footage in the first two days of the event.

Below you’ll find some of trailers. Old characters, new characters, a ton of explosions, and some amazing graphics that all look next gen, even though this cycle seems like it’s going to continue on a little bit longer. At the bottom, tell us which game you’re most looking forward too, if you ask me, right now, it’s Beyond, though seeing Star Wars 1313 has me reconsidering.

Tomb Raider

An origin story, and a reboot, SquareEnix is trying to climb back to its roots with a grittier, bow and arrow carrying Lara Croft who is going on her first adventure. In the trailer, Lara is, frankly, getting the shit kicked out of her and the idea behind these trials and tribulations is, apparently, to humanize a character who has risen to near mythic proportions.

Other points in the game will apparently show Lara killing a person for the first time and it will also show the toll that that takes on her. Developer Karl Stewart repeatedly mentioned Batman Begins when talking about the reboot while on G4 this afternoon, so that gives us, I suppose, some frame of reference for the tone that the creative team is aiming for.

Tomb Raider is headed for release on March 5th 2013, and I’m sure OG Raider fans and even Uncharted fans will surely want to check it out.

Watch Dogs

The trailer starts slow as the main character, hacker Aiden Pearce, walks the impossibly rendered streets of Chicago toward an art show. Once there, Pearce interacts with a contact, purposely fails at being conspicuous, and then exits the club quickly with security on his trail — in seconds, we’re back on the street, but it has turned into a war zone, and Pearce is a target, ducking bullets, jumping over cars, and fighting for his life before he gets his man and sends him a message.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is one of the most buzzed about IPs at E3, with a detailed backstory involving overreaching security measures, the “grid”, and more than a bit of intrigue and tech wizardry. What is it that makes the game standout? Beyond it’s impressive visual presentation (which was slightly juiced, in that it was presented on a high quality PC and not a console in it’s demonstration), Watch Dogs sets a foot on some fresh soil with the main character’s ability to control the environment around him. Pearce doesn’t wait for a walk signal or waste his effort trying to talk his way in past a guard, he messes with traffic lights and people’s cell phones, while also (seemingly) having access to pertinent information about every single NPC and interactable that he walks by. It’s a mind numbing amount of detail and playability, and yet we don’t really know where the ceiling is on this game, and that might be the most exciting part about it.

For trailers of some of the other impressive IPs like The Last of Us and Beyond, check out our rundown of Sony’s E3 presentation here.

Gears of War: Ascension 

A prequel to the first God of War and a bit of an origin story, the gameplay footage on display above shows off some sick combat scenarios, with Kratos (surprise, surprise) fighting a giant hydra, and also battling a massive half elephant, half man. The big news is the added multiplayer which will see players creating their own Spartan to worship one of four Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Aries). Obviously, the choice of God dictates the direction of the gameplay.

God of War: Ascension is set for a March 12, 2013 release, and there is talk about a Collectors Edition that will feature, among other things, an 8″ bronze Kratos statue and exclusive DLC. The price point on the CE is said to be $79.99, here’s a link for more details on that.

Star Wars 1313

There are virtually no details about the new Star Wars game 1313, which is a completely in-house effort, in the way that Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 was. All the branches of the Lucas tree, including ILM have a hand in the creation of this game which is in pre-production right now, and nowhere near a release date.

The crumbs of a premise that have dribbled out are that the game takes place between the two Star Wars cinematic trilogies on the 1313 level of Coruscant in the some what less cosmopolitan section of the planet, meaning it is the seedy underworld. The main character is a Bounty Hunter, which has led to some speculation that this could be a Boba Fett game, which if confirmed might shake the whole of geekdom off of it’s cushy perch. The game is 3rd person and those graphics that you’re peeping in the above trailer? That’s the way the game is supposed to look, with a seamless visual transmission from cut scenes to gameplay, though again, high quality computer, not a console demo, so the final package may be slightly less smooth and orgasmic.

Assassin’s Creed 3 

We’ve got 2 separate gameplay videos for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3, which is showing off a new assassin and a new timeline, with the game taking place before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Connor, a half British, half Mohawk, hatchet wielding badass killer is the star of the show here, hunting down his prey in a camp in the first video from Ubisoft’s presentation (above) and steering a ship in the second from Sony’s presentation (below).

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation

Not to ignore the handheld market entirely, we thought we’d show you the trailer from the PS Vita exclusive, from the ground up, AC3 game, which will also star a completely different and new assassin in the form of Aveline, whose story takes place in 18th Century in Louisiana.

Marvel’s Avengers: Battle for Earth

Another Ubisoft title, we know next to nothing about this one and all we have is a cinematic trailer, so “Yay! Avengers game!” and that’s all we can really say because we don’t know what it will look like or be about — hence the worthlessness of most cinematic trailers.

Random News Bit: Destructoid reported that a Dead Island sequel, called Dead Island” Riptide, is in development.

We finally have a release date for the next PS3 platform game based on our favorite British sci-fi TV series, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

The time is set for a May 23 release, which is coming up really damn soon!  This is awesome, given that we’ve been teased with trailers and shit for quite some time now so the immediate gratification would be nice.

There will also be a Playstation Vita version that will be released on June 13.  But who cares about that.  We don’t yet know when the PC version will be available, but that’ll happen at some point too.

Will any of you guys get on board with this when it comes out?

Source: g4tv

A few video game trailers hit the web today and I can (almost) guarantee you’re excited for at least one of them. One is the hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III, another is the final DLC pack to cap off Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, and the third is a Transformers game based off the awesome ‘toon, Transformers Prime. Okay, I’ll admit I might be the only one excited about Transformers Prime, but I’m telling you guys, the show is superb and I hope so is the game.

Let’s check out this Assassin’s Creed III trailer which provides us our first look at some gameplay.

Holy. Shit. I feel more patriotic already. I was already hooked by the premise, Assassin’s in America, but after this trailer? Excuse me while I go pre-order. NOW. The game looks incredible! I was a little concerned about how things would transition to the American Revolution setting, for instance how easy would it be to use sneak attacks or quick escapes in a forest? Well, the trailer has abated any concerns I had. I mean, did you see it!?! You can assassinate a bear! Fine, you just kill it but I’d like to imagine that bear was on someone’s hit list.

Assassin’s Creed III releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 30.

What did you think it? Does it look like it’ll live up to previous game’s in the franchise?

Hit the jump for more game trailers!


They still make fighter games?

It’s hard to believe that the Street Fighter franchise hasn’t jumped the video game shark waaaaaayyy before this. Street Fighter X Tekken is sure making a good case that the shark is jumped, then backed over multiple times.

Joining the battle are Mega Man,


I gotta cut in here. This isn’t the cute Mega Man you all know and love . . . this is the Hobo Mega Man down at the corner whose breath smells like feet and Old Spice.

                                                                      Pac Man,

OK, it’s Pac Man with robot armor, not Tony Stark armor, more like Fred Sanford armor. (Google him ya young whippersnappers)

                                                                                         Cole from Infamous, and some Japanese cat mascots Kuro and Toro. These fighters will be exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Who knows what you might get for the other platforms, maybe the PC version will get all of them?

Today we finally got our first look at the upcoming PS3, PS Vita and PC game, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. And while it’s exciting to see the Doctor and River running around on some new adventure, particularly one you can play a part in, it’s a little underwhelming to see how much of the game plays like a 2-D platformer. This would be fine if this were a downloadable game, but as a full release it’s disapointing.

Still, it looks like a fun game in where you’ll have the chance to play as both the Doctor and River, beingm of course, voiced by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. Now, other have pointed out, and I’ll have to agree, that only River is seen using a gun. I don’t find that strange at all, but we don’t see the Doctor doing anything similar, meaning you might end up playin mostly as River. And I’m kinda okay with that, but then it doesn’t really fufill the promise of a DOCTOR Who video game. More like a River Song Kicks A Lot of Ass Game. Which, again, I’m okay with.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think?

Source: Topless Robot

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I don’t know if you’ve seen the Tik-Tok/Star Trek music video, I suggest you look it up. It makes Ke$ha’s song almost bearable. This Doctor Who video though, comes in a close second. Warning, full of spoilers for “The Wedding of River Song.” (Bleeding Cool)


In about two weeks time we’ll all be huddled in front of our televisions, swinging through the buildings of Gotham or gaping at Catwoman’s ample cleavage. That’s right, Batman: Arkham City is upon us. Never before have I been so anxious to get my hands on a video game’s sequel. Arkham Asylum was perfect, in both it’s game play and mechanics, as well as it’s translation of the Dark Knight to the third person action-adventure game. How can Arkham City ever hope to surpass it?

First off, even though Asylum took place in, well, uh, Arkham Asylum, it’s Arkham City that boasts the most villains. From Hugo Strange to the Penguin, Two-Face, and I wouldn’t completely trust Catwoman if I were Bats, Arkham City seems to have a part for every one of Batman’s rogues to play. The newest addition was caught by Youtuber, MrKQGaming, in a recent Arkham City montage on Qore. Who’d he spy? Jarvis Tetch, also known as The Mad Hatter.

I think players will find his mind control abilities and preference for young, fair, blonde girls a perfect fit in the creepy world of Rocksteady’s Gotham.

So if Arkham City is home to more villains than Asylum, what of those who fight for the side of good? We know Batman, obviously, and Catwoman are featured as the in game, in story playable characters, Tim Drake’s Robin will be available as a Best Buy exclusive with his own challenge maps, but what of the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Will he appear as Nightwing? The rumors are yes, and those rumors are starting to look very likely. Check out these unearthed, potential character images,

Okay, I’ve kind of got a thing for Dick Grayson, not unlike many Batman fangirls. He’s like Bruce, but without too much of the weird, emotional baggage. But these images do not make my heart a’flutter. Maybe I’ll change my mind when and if we see him in game, maybe with just as many gratuitous ass shots as Catwoman. Come on guys, it’s only fair if the fan service swings both ways.

To add more credence to the rumor Nightwing will appear in Arkham City, XBOX 360’s Avatar Marketplace is releasing Arkham City themed items, including a Nightwing t-shirt. Is it simply a nod to comic book fans or a tease of the character’s inclusion?

Well, there’s your roundup of rumors and speculation surrounding the release of Batman: Arkham City on October 18th. Will you be picking up the game? If so, for which console? Or are you planning to buy the PC version?

Sources: Geek Tyrant (2), Comics Alliance