Deadpool fever is reaching maximum engagement right now, with the movie’s release less than two weeks away.  Star Ryan Reynolds has been releasing several hilarious videos over the last few months, breaking the “fourth wall” and having Deadpool chat directly with the audience about a variety of topics.  Recently, though, Deadpool’s creative team has been using the character and his snarky attitude as a force for good, via funny-yet-serious public service announcements.  The newest entry into the series tackles a serious subject in a very Deadpool-y way: it’s a breast cancer PSA. (more…)

I might be late to the game on this, but something is troubling me. Men In Black 3 is coming out this weekend, right? Will Smith is staring in the movie, right? Why have I not heard his song to go with it yet? Yes, I know he hasn’t rapped in any of his movies in a decade (the last being from the last MIB movie, “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head).” Yes, I know his more recent movies don’t lend well to a jaunty funky rap song (but damn it, he could have tried.) And yes, I know I have cracked a string of cynical/sarcastic jokes about him getting songs shoe horned into soundtracks, but I really thought we were due here.

I wanted him to.

After an exhaustive 38 second internet search I have found out that Pitbull is doing the theme to MIB3, and that I am not alone in wishing this wasn’t so. The fine funny folk from Sneaky Zebra have created a PSA on the topic, calling for Will Smith to rap once more. He must, damn it. This was promised to be the Willenium after all.

Funny ha ha PSA after the jiggy…. I mean jump.


I learned everything I have ever needed to know from watching Star Trek. I thought that was enough….it was not. Here’s William Fuckin’ Shatner emphasizing the dangers of turkey fryers. Because it takes a turkey to know a turkey.

Shatner is 80 years old and still loves the pay checks. Also… he’s a vegetarian and Canadian, they celebrated Thanksgiving  months ago. Regardless, this was very entertaining and educational. Bill Shatner and the dingle-dangle… they’ve probably prevented at least a few cases of horrible burn victims.

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OMG! Universes collide when the Star Trek: TNG crew watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope! The best part is Troi’s dead-on analysis of Han Solo. She so wants him over Riker. (TDW: Geek)


Hot on the heels of Nathan Fillion’s “Swamp Ass” PSA comes Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory fame with her Nerdgastic Break PSA – “Slave Leia.” I personally don’t think this is a real problem. As far as I, and many other panting, sweaty, semi-creepy convention and or party goers there can NEVER be enough Slave Leia’s. Please feel free to Google “Slave Leia Car Wash” for convincing evidence. I will heartily agree though, that variety is, much like the spice of Dune, a great way to crank up a party.

Nathan Fillion has always been a proactive force for good in the world. If he isn’t flying the space lanes looking for work for his crew, he’s putting murders behind bars in between publishing mystery novels, or pounding villains senseless while singing catchy tunes. Nathan has now turned his couragous, unflinching, tireless efforts to the Gamer issue – Swamp Gas. All gamers have had the condition, most are not brave enough to tackle the issue publically, many just squirm on the couch or swivel chair from which they play their games.

Thank you Nathan. Thank you for making the world a better place.

Poke-Rights, Not Poke-Fights PSA


For years I’ve been saying that Pokémon was and is an evil subliminal message promoting animal cruelty via forced fighting. It’s right up there with cock-fighting and dog-fighting. Actually it’s worse. It’s being sold to children. CHILDREN! Telling them to go out into the world and hunt for rare and innocent creatures. Trap them in tiny ball. Deprave them of food and force them to battle one another for amusement, money and fame. Pokémon trainers are goddamn Michael Vick in mass!

Mirroring the sentiment, is a Poke-Fight PSA by Genesis Matrix.  Ash Ketchum and crew finally catch a conscience. Having learned a very important lesson about Pokémon fighting — namely, that it’s incredibly evil and depraved. If you know whats right, then forward this video along to the ignorant in your lives. No Pokemon should have to be a fighting type!

Also, “If you only have one type of Pokemon, that’s racist.”

source: toplessrobot

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 1.37.47 AM

Even the great intentions of all those involved in this thematic train wreck couldn’t make this interesting or attention holding.  I’m actually kinda concerned that kids in Douglas County Colorado might be easy prey to costumed Spiderman pedophiles.


But don’t worry, we’ll teach you all about Internet safety while flagrantly flaunting copyright laws.

Colorado government folks really getting in front of the camera.  If their not trying to keep kids from giving out personal information on the Internet, their trying to scare the crap out of them with videos about local monsters and legends.  Voodoo ceremony performing gorilla’s spook the hell out of me

Internet Safety for Kids from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.

Douglas County Colorado – A great place to raise your scared of their own shadow kids.
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Screen shot 2010-12-10 at 1.56.15 PM

We barely get any good PSA’s now a days but it seems that The Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership may have produce one for us folks to appreciate.

The LTPP used a mix of Mega Man and Mario sprites to create this cute (yeah I said cute, wanna fight about it?) and awesome PSA as we see the boyfriend go up against many STI’s with the power of condom and gets the happy ending.

When all said is done folks, don’t be stupid and please practice safe sex when you can.

Source: YouBentMyWookie