Here it is folks, Sony’s successor to the Playstation Portable, the Playstation NGP, which is codename for “Next Generation Portable” (What? You thought it meant Neo Geo Pocket).

Sony revealed the new handheld just recently and this Sony fanboy watched the press conference live since I was able to understand it (the press event was in Japanese) and I really had nothing better to do. So let’s get right to it.



Holy catshit Batman! Alleged specs about the PSP2 have been circulating on the great interwebs.  If these are accurate the new PSP is going to melt your fucking face. Chances are Sony won’t be announcing it at E3 this year. A Source (what non-disclosure agreement?) was asked about an official release date he said “If the games were aiming for end 2010, beginning 2011, and now it’s a 2011 release, I’d say a gamescom or TGS announce for launch early next year.”  Want to know what the sexy features of this bad bitch will be? Find out after the jump…. (more…)