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Above: With the third season of Game of Thrones underway, CGHUB artist jigokuen put together this piece of Ygritte once again putting Jon Snow in his place. [Geek Tyrant]

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Back in August, the awesome folks over at Dorkly brought us wonderful books from the Mushroom Kingdom and this time they introduce us to 7 memoirs from the video game world.

From the Minecraft spoof shown above to King Hippo from Punch Out as well as a memoir from a Star Wars character. Check after the jump to see all 7 and see if there’s one you would really want to read.

Source: Dorkly



With all the awesome toys being announced at NY Toy Fair (we’ll be putting together a best of list this weekend) 2010 is geared up to be one awesome year for action figure enthusists. Case in point. We’re finally getting action figures of Adult Swims The Venture Bros ( it’s about goddamn time). However, this is yet another year where toy companies have failed to announce some of nerd pop cultures most wanted toys. In recent years us nerds have been privileged to buy just about every character , in action figure form, from every nerd medium. Its been great but there are some no brainer toys that should have been made by now. A few months ago we compiled a list of the most wanted non-existing action figures. Sadly not one of these most wanted toys were announced at this years NY Toy Fair. We’ve decided to re-post this list as a request to the toy companies (you know who you are) to get on the ball and deliver these toys in 2011


Doc Louis’ Punch Out Is Here


“You get the sweet victory from training, not from chocolate”

 Hey Punch Out fans The Club Nintendo-exclusive stand-alone WiiWare game Doc Louis’ Punch-Out!! appears to be finalized and ready to download. I dunno how I feel about spending my money on a crap off shoot of a rather mediocre game but it may be worth it to live out your fighting Reginald VelJohnson (Aka: Carl Winslow) fantasies.



The re-imagined Punch Out for Nintendo Wii is a pretty sweet game but one odd facet is the bizarre things Little Mac’s trainer, Doc says . “What’s your favorite flower, son? Mine’s chocolate!! Mmm… ha ha ha!” is probably top on the list of WTF, un-motivating coach talk. Legendary, videogame, parody site Mega64 wondered how real people would react to Doc’s words of wisdom. In the video above Derek, who is one of the members of the videogame sketch comedy group takes on the role of, Doc and runs around the beaches of San Diego and asks random people the same questions that Doc says to Little Mac. The comedy of this is a bit odd and uncomfortable (especially the guy at the end of the clip) but its all pretty funny.