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In its continued whirlwind of casting and production, the upcoming live-action adaptation of Jem and the Holograms has added another well-known name to its roster. This time it’s Juliette Lewis — a true life female rocker whose unique screen presence will help add a dash of authenticity to John Chu’s vision of the Hasbro animated series.



(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

On the front page of YouTube today you’ll find a San Francisco-based Marching Band video that will help re-define your mental image of what a Marching Band is. Picture your high school marching band portrayed by a Russ Meyer cast. Yeah…cool….and its not fictional. Its Extra Action Marching Band. You see, there is a worldwide movement comprised of those nerds that carried tubas to school and got picked on for being band fags*. Those shrimps and dorks grew up to be sexy, adventurous and smart…and now they’re taking the world by storm. Take a look at this borderline-psychedelic video of EAMB from their 2007 European tour. If you’re on the fence about watching, know this: the flag girls traded in their flags for metallic pompoms, wigs and g-strings. (more…)