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It’s been awhile since we dived into one of those little black boxes of mystery from Loot Crate (for the uninitiated, Loot Crate is the leading subscription box service where for less than $20USD plus shipping you get a box of geeky little goodies worth at least twice as much) … Sorry, got lost in that pointlessly long parentheses …

Either way, it’s Loot Crate time once more and this month’s theme is ‘DEAD’ promising not only Deadpool (because everything is about Deadpool now,) but The Walking Dead to boot. The box is guaranteed to have not one but two exclusive figures as well as an exclusive T-shirt. Exclusively. McFarlane Toys, Quantum Mechanix, and other supplied the items this month AND to make it a bit easier this time around it’s a video because reading… amiright? (more…)

malcolm AF 3

Fans of Firefly have something to look forward to when Dallas Comic Con arrives in mid-May. For the folks at Quantum Mechanix Inc. have put together a line of action figures based off of the Firefly crew. That’s right, you can have you very own tiny-sized Malcolm Reynolds to place on your shelf so he can watch you while you do unspeakable things to yourself in the dark. Read on for all the details. (more…)

The replica builders over at Quantum Mechanix recently got to take a tour of the Universal Archives. That’s where most of the forgotten movie props end up. They came across perhaps the largest model ever made of the Firefly spaceship Serenity, all decked out in Reaver colors, spikes, and sporting that huge cannon on top. 

From the Quantum Mechanix Facebook page:

About three months ago, while getting a very rare tour of the Universal archives, we came across something tucked into a corner and covered in plastic that made our hearts skip a beat: a highly-detailed 12-foot-long filming model of the Reaverized Serenity. We could hardly believe what we were seeing!

As many Browncoats know, there has been a rumor around for years that a filming miniature used for the crash scene on Mr. Universe’s planet. But that rumor was either denied as either being totally false, or that the miniature used was a simple styrofoam model. As you can see from the picture below, it does exist and is about as far from a “simple” model as you could imagine. 


Check out the detail on the cannon above. Quantum Mechanix has promised to post more photos soon, and we’ll bring them to you as soon as we can.promises to post more photos soon. 
I09 found a video of the green screen filming of the crash of the Serenity model. It hurts to watch them smash this model into the ground.   

Cutest Serenity Figures EVER!


I love Firefly. I love Serenity. I love all the characters that Joss Whedon created in that universe, and I wish that show could have continued on … but that’s a story for another post.

I am here to talk about some figurines so cute that I may have to get a grin-ectomy for smiling so much when I see them. These figurines are just asking to be bought and looked at whenever you, or another Browncoat (what fans of the show and/or movie call themselves) needs cheering up.

The newest additions to Quantum Mechanix’s “Little Damn Heroes” line of Serenity maquettes have been revealed in time for SDCC – River Tam and Wash. This is in addition to the already made Kaylee, Mal and Jayne.

I cannot find when the River and Wash figurines become available for pre-order, but they will most likely be displayed on the Quantum Mechanix website.

Pictures of all the maquettes can be found below the jump. Seriously, how CUTE are they?


Serenity: The Big Damn Replica


Ok, usually I will be the first person to say, “Why in God’s name did you waste your money on that?” However, if you are willing to spend $2,495 on this…I’ve got your back! Hell, I might even fork over some Washington’s to help pay for one! I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and to see this Serenity: The Big Damn Replica makes my mouth water instantly. At the price of $2,495 you can be sure you will getting a true treasure. Every replica (and only 1,000 will be made) comes signed by Nathan Fillion, Capt. Malcolm Reynolds himself! That right there sold me! And it also includes an Original, Exclusive Jason Palmer Print. It has been 3 years in the making and it will finally be ready for purchase/pre-order at Quantum Mechanix on October 30, 2009 @ 12pm PST. It is the first and only accurate replica. It has been designed to be as realistic as possible. How so you ask….well: the sculpture itself was taken directly from the movie CG master files. It measures 19”x12”x7” making it a 1:180 scale. More then 250 parts are used to build each replica and every graphic on the ship is hand painted, NO decals are used. More then 30 different colors of flat and metallic paint were used and the ship also has 32 lighting effects! With a wireless remote included to control the lighting. The base looks like a landing pad straight from The Verse (which adds 4.5” to the total height) and when you look at the Bridge, you can see 8 different crew members. The replica will be shipped in custom-foam and a hand built wooden apple crate. And as a little extra, you can have it custom made: the engines pose, the shuttles in flight or docked, and the reactor shutters open or closed. It will take 30-90 days for it to be delivered and if you call to pre-order one, a personal concierge will help process your order (and only because of the concierge, I want to order one). Check out the pictures….


Serenity- The Big Dam Replica


We have no idea how much this model replica of the Serenity ship from Firefly is but boy is it shiny. The 19 inch replica is a product of Quantum Mechanix which is the same company that brought us the $900 Cylon Raider from BSG. So we can only imagine this bad boy, with all its bell and whistles has got to be close to double that. Pricing aside this is a testament to true craftsmanship.

More than three years in the making, Serenity – The Big Damn Replica, has been painstakingly crafted to be absolutely screen-accurate in every aspect. Unlike most other iconic ships from science fiction, Serenity was designed from the ground up to be as realistic as possible, from her floor planto her construction, using real-world components andmanufacturing processes.  As one of her creators observed, the idea was to make Serenity so real, fans could easily imagine themselves walking her decks. With such a sense of place and familiarity, viewers would never feel lost in this Firefly-Class Transport.

The model will be at Comic Con all weekend, but you can sign up for the waiting list to buy one at the link. (Quantum Mechanix)

source via Io9