Bohemian Rhapsody is the tale of Freddie Mercury (portrayed by Rami Malek), the glamorous, tragic figure who was the front man for the band Queen.  Rami is joined by Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech and Lucy Boynton in the film which looks at the band’s music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury who shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. (more…)


It’s been 35 years and thousands, if not millions, of Saturday afternoon reruns of 1980’s Flash Gordon movie…(FLASH! AHHHHHHH!) *Sorry, I have to say that every time I say, or write that title. It’s a nerd thing, I’m sure you understand. The Queen soundtrack is incredible and instantly recognizable. Word around the Internet is that there is some movement on a new Flash Gordon production. Better still, Flash himself, Sam Jones has some interesting news that hints the movie won’t be a reboot, but a sequel! (more…)

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You should know, I took this story merely for the puny headline. Now that I have satisfied my witticism, I can dance a sigh of relief knowing Summit’s Highlander reboot has put another nail in it’s coffin.

A few years back, Summit Entertainment entertained (pun intended) the idea of rebooting Highlander; the 1986 pop culture flick about a centuries old sword-swinging Scotsman fighting for his immortality. Justin Lin was attached early on, but departed in 2011 so he could make Fast and Furious 6. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo had hopped in 2012 for a bit, but rolled out right fucking quick per creative disputes. The script itself even passed a few hands. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man) dreamt up first draft, then Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight) was brought on for rewrites in 2011. The most recent draft was penned by Noah Oppenheim. Who?

Despite the project being tossed around like a piece of shit at a dung beetle convention, it somehow caught the attention of  Ryan Reynolds. I guess because, you know, he clearly hasn’t played enough super heroes? Had he stayed with the project, he would have played the lead of Connor MacLeod, who was portrayed by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 original. To the chagrin of no one, he passed on the project. Apparently Reynolds got tired of waiting around for Summit to lock down a committed director, so he said (paraphrasing) “see ya later”.

According to The Wrap, Reynolds departure means Summit will be wiping the slate clean and start from square one. New script, new director and new staff.

To that I say, let us all hold a summit (that’s my final pun, I swear) at Summit Entertainment. We blast the Queen Sound track to the 1986 Highlander until the studio heads lose their heads and forfeit this god forsaken reboot.

To Ryan Reynolds I say: Please stop this nonsense. Make everyone happy and go fucking make Deadpool already!

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House Lannister of Casterly Rock might be one of the Great Houses of Westeros, but they don’t hold a candle to Mario and the House of Nintendo’s throne of game consoles. Aaron Jasinski made this beautiful parody piece of the original Game of Thrones promotional pic, we can’t wait to see him do a painting of Kirby in full Tyrion armor slapping Joffrey like a bitch. [Janinski Art]

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The internet provides us many things that range from cute puppy videos to awesome beat down clips and of course, videos of girls and their lovely boobs bouncing. The internet also provides us some great mash-up videos here and there and today I found one that just feels right.

JimLad decided to mash both Super Mario Galaxy game play video and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now together and the video below is what came out of it. Check the video out as it’s well made and it also gives you another reason to listen to Don’t Stop Me Now.

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Yes folks, you’ve read that headline right. Sacha Baron Cohen has been casted to play the great singer Freddie Mercury in an upcoming Queen biopic. The film will be written by Peter Morgan, who has also wrote  for films such as The Queen and Frost/Nixon. Also, the remaining members of the band has formed a company to be part of the project. The film may be released sometime in 2011.

While I didn’t like the idea when I first read about this, I later came to realize that this may work for the best after doing some thinking (that’s right, fat boy here can think). I think Cohen can definitely get the look down and that maybe, just maybe, will be able to do the singing (hey, I watched him on Sweeny Todd and thought he did okay).

What do y’all think about this casting news? Can you imagine Borat singing Flash! or does the thought of that disgust you? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

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“Midichlorian Rhapsody” —  nerd maestro’s Jeff & Maya tell the tale of Anakin Skywalker’s story from his humble beginnings through his emergence as the Dark Lord of the Sith, all to the tune of Queens “Bohemiam Rhapsody”. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. It almost makes the tragedy that is the prequels almost bearable.

If you like this then check out the duo’s full collection of other nerdy classic rock parodies, Grated Hits.

source: thedailywhat

Battlestar Rhapsody


If you had to ask me who my favorite band was the answer is very simple: Queen. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So when I see something Queen related I get very excited. But when you take an incredible band and then mix it with a magnificent TV show (aka Battlestar Galactica), well, life just doesn’t get much better then that. So, although this is probably mostly for my pleasure, I hope you will check this Bohemian Rhapsody Spoof out because it will make you giggle. And let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did! Video after the jump..