Quentin Tarantino

It’s been all quiet on the Tarantino front since the 2015 release of The Hateful Eight, so you know he must have been cooking up something good for his ninth, and, if you’ve believe the hype, penultimate film. Yes, Quentin Tarantino has previously stated that he’ll retire after 10 movies, so with two films left, you can’t really blame him for wanting to take his time and choose his second-to-last project as a film director well. So how about this: a movie about what’s arguably the most infamous murder spree in Hollywood history?  (more…)


While out promoting his latest Quentin Tarantino-directed flick, The Hateful Eight, Samuel L. Jackson was asked whether he’d seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and what he thought of the movie (he has seen it, for the record). Not one to often mince his words, Jackson tried his best to be diplomatic. At first anyhow. Then he said what he thinks, just as you’d expect and want him to. (more…)


Quentin Tarantino returns to the biggest screen possible – 70mm Ultra-Panavision, a long-dormant format that promises moviegoers the crispest, finest widescreen images, a delight for cinephiles and non-cinephiles alike – with The Hateful Eight, a locked-room mystery-western, shot, choreographed, and performed in Tarantino’s inimitable talk-first, talk-second (and third), and shoot later style, a filmmaking style Tarantino introduced to moviegoers and critics alike more than twenty years ago in Reservoir Dogs. A master manipulator when it comes to audience expectations, not to mention (but we’ll mention it anyway), a filmmaker with a singularly perverse sense of black humor, Tarantino opens The Hateful Eight on a remote snow-covered road in Wyoming sometime after the end of the Civil War only to willfully retreat from three-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson’s (Django Unchained, Hugo, Shutter Island, Inglourious Basterds, The Aviator) stunning, striking imagery for a stagebound, single-set location, a lonely, desolate road stop, Minnie’s Haberdashery, on the way to the small town of Red Rock.



The force is definitely not with Quentin Tarentino.

The acclaimed director who made such hits as Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction in the days when Disney owned Miramax is now accusing Disney of stabbing him in the back. His new film, The Hateful Eight, was set to start its run at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. Now, instead of a movie featuring drama, betrayal and guns, the ArcLight Cinemas outlet will show a blockbuster featuring drama, betrayal and lightsabers.



It’s almost like we never abandoned you for two months.

Jeremy and Jason have returned, but where were they and who have they become?! Learn about their harrowing tale (busy working and playing Playstation) and also learn about their thoughts on Stephen Colbert‘s late night takeover, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s takeover of The Apprentice, Batman V. Bourne, Godzilla V. King Kong, the almost Pulp Fiction cast, the unkillable Fantastic Four franchise, gritty Mary Poppins, sex bot ethics (RIP HitchBot), plus Donald Trump: herald of the end times.

DOUBLE BONUS PLUS: an all new, all nude edition of #TacoTalk. (more…)


It seems that these days, everyone has an opinion on everything – or more accurately: people have had opinions for a long time, but now the internet bombards us with everyone’s opinion on everything.  There is a select group of people in the world of entertainment, however, that most would agree have actually earned the right to have their opinions carry the actual weight that most of us believe our ideas should.  I think most would agree that Quentin Tarantino – the seminal writer/director behind such pop-culture mega-hits as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Basterds, and so much more – would fall into that category.  He recently opened up about his feelings on the recent influx of superhero movies – read on to hear his thoughts!



Forget about anything from Marvel Studios or involving the Star Wars universe, the real event movie for film buffs this year is the latest movie by Quentin Tarantino. The former video store clerk is now an auteur of such proportion that he’s a one man franchise series event, every movie he makes is an occasion and it seems like The Hateful Eight is going to be no exception. Now, after a very powerful and positive presentation at San Diego Comic Con, those unfortunate enough to not make it to Nerd Mecca this year can get their first look at the movie in a very cool-looking trailer with its beautifully captured snowscapes which will make you feel the chill even if its 100 degrees outside.

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Marvel has officially announced the casting of German actor Daniel Bruhl for an unspecified role in Captain America: Civil War. The actor – who is probably best known for his ambiguously endearing-but-nasty role as Frederick Zoller in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds – joins a cast that already boasts three superheroes. Captain America: Civil War has an impressive line-up, including Chris Evans’ Cap. America, Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, newcomer Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther and Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier. Unfortunately there is still no word on Frank Grillo’s involvement in the film as Crossbones. (more…)

Christoph Waltz Joins Sam Mendes ‘Bond 24’ Cast

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Two-time Academy award winner Christoph Waltz has joined the cast of Sam Mendes Untitled James Bond 24 according to Daily Mail reports (…yes, that awful rag of a paper). Filming is slated to commence at the beginning of next month and it’s unknown whether Waltz will be playing a friend, foe, or a bit of both. But, according to the Daily Mail’s source – someone who has knowledge of the screenplay – Waltz has bagged an important and significant role in the film

All the cast and crew will meet for a script read in roughly three weeks time with the new addition on board, and Waltz has already met up with Daniel Craig, a.k.a. 007, as well as the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Waltz will join a supporting cast that includes Skyfall alums Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, and Rory Kinnear. Locations being used for the film are said to include Mexico, Austria, Morocco, Italy and London. Waltz has played some superb antagonists in movies with a standout performance as The Jew Hunter in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds and he was superb in last years Django Unchained, both of which won him Oscars for his performances. (more…)