For many fans, the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left them wanting more. Sure, it was a sweet moment to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione sending their children off to Hogwarts, but it didn’t provide much about what their adult lives were like. Enter Pottermore, the online community/digital library where author J.K. Rowling has been providing new information about her acclaimed wizarding series. Her latest updates detail the ongoing 427th Quidditch World Cup with reports from The Daily Prophet‘s own Ginny Potter (née Weasley)! (more…)

The bright lights, the roar of the crowd, the smell of butterbeer in the air…wait, what?

Harry Potter fan or not, you probably know know about the “sport” of Quidditch, where wizards and witches battle it in the air to catch a golden ball. It’s real life equivalent (yes, it exists) is much less magic. Described as “a cross between rugby, dodge ball and tag.” In short, a bunch of men and women beating their broomsticks together (no really, actual broomsticks.). Anyway, the Quidditch World Cup is upon us.

During the weekend of Nov. 12th and 13th, 100 college and high school teams, from 22 states and four countries (the United States, Canada, Finland and New Zealand), will be battling it out in New York to see who can snatch the snitch first. The United Kingdom would have been involved, but they’ll be freaking out over the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part 2 on DVD/BluRay that weekend.

Created by the fans for the fans, the International Quidditch Association is now into it’s fifth Quidditch World Cup. If you haven’t registered a team yet (that’s still in college or high school) then your out of luck. All is not lost though, the event will also hold:

– Over a dozen Live rock bands, Wizard Wrock, Circus sideshows, live owl demonstrations, costumes and more.

– Live commentary on every field from professional improv comedians from the PIT club in NYC.

– Butterbeer, Turkey Legs, Bertie Botts beans, BBQ, chili, hot chocolate, real beer, and many other things your stomach desires.

Quidditch World Cup takes place on Randall Island in New York and can be reached by either car, bus or water taxi. In the meantime all you Potterheads can get all worked up watching the documentary of last year’s Quidditch World Cup and yes, it’s as nerdy as you think it is.

What a bunch of nerds. Where can I sign up?

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Muggle Quidditch is totally a thing. Seriously. There’s even a Wikipedia page for it! Basically it’s a Muggle version of the Wizarding game, which is traditionally played on broomsticks with magical flying balls that have their own minds.

Changes have been made to the game to make it more Muggle-accessible. Obviously there are no brooms involved. The 3 goal posts are actually hula hoops held up on PVC tubes. The balls have been substituted for non-magical ones: the Quaffle is replaced by basketballs, volleyballs or dodgeballs and sometimes even Frisbees; the Bludgers are softer balls like Nerf balls and they use tennis rackets to hit them, or just throwing dodgeballs; and the most interesting change is that the Snitch is actually a person dressed in gold who runs around the place until the Seeker catches ’em.

Apparently an International Quidditch Association exists, governing a bunch of teams in North America. But now, students at Keller High School are trying to get the University Interscholastic League (UIL) to recognize Muggle Quidditch as the 14th official high school sport. Good luck to them! If you’re interested, there is an online petition here.

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Quidditch, the international renowned sport of wizards in the Harry Potter series of books and movies, has been taking the real-life world by storm for many years.

It’s been played for fun with improvised rules and constantly changing rules all for the sake of fun. Hell, back in the early 2000’s as a counselor at a summer camp, I even played a game. I was a beater, and ran around hitting people with a Nerf bat. It was actually rather fun! But it wasn’t done in any organized way, just a way to keep the kids entertained during the long and hot summer days.

However, it seems to have gone to a whole other level.

According to Badass Digest, there are organized teams and thousands of people participating. It seems a little hard to believe, but I suppose different strokes for different folks, right?

There’s an International Quidditch Association (their website) and there seem to be dozens upon dozens of teams at colleges and high schools. And they have a rule book, one which clocks in at 49 pages of dos, don’ts and tips.

The real life game is quite similar to the fictional one. There are chasers and beaters and a keeper, all of whom play the more mundane parts of Quidditch – getting a ball through a hoop (hula hoops on sticks in the case of real life Quidditch). But then there are the more fantastical elements – the snitch, a tiny golden magic ball that is the secret to winning the game, and the seeker, whose job is to just find and catch the snitch. In real life Quidditch one player is decked out in yellow clothes and runs around the field with a ball in a yellow sock tied around his neck – he’s the snitch.

Some of the players seem to take the whole thing tongue in cheek – they are running around on broomsticks and wearing capes, after all – while others take it kind of seriously. There are those who want it to be a recognized college sport. This year was the fourth Quidditch World Cup, held in New York. And there’s talk of a Quidditch exhibition game at the 2012 Olympics.

Quidditch Comes To Life


Like Weezer said, ” Say It Ain’t So!”

Sweet baby Jesus and the Orphans..No pod racing, no  mumbly peg from the Hobbits,  but now thanks to geeks WORLDWIDE we got a factual actual Quidditch World Cup. Now I say “geeks” with a veiled hostility, which is a far cry from a Nerdbastard. A Nerdbastard might “FIX” the Quidditch game so he can win a bet of 300$ so he go and buy  an original Luke Skywalker in the wrong box from “Revenge of the Jedi”. (more…)