FOX has won big recently with two slam dunks, Deadpool and now Logan, both of which are rated R. The R rating marks a heavy departure from past superhero films, allowing for a more mature shift in tone, something which audiences are clearly hungry for. So with the success of these films, it is only natural to ask whether other studios will follow suit and release R rated superhero films as well. DC has hinted they might be interested.  (more…)


We’re not a group that shies away from a fun bit of Batman news, yeah?  As movie-goers start to mentally prepare themselves for the forthcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice experience heading our way next year, it’s important to remember the long print and visual history of The Caped Crusader.  Today we’ve got two fun bits of Bat-news from two very different sources: one dealing with an iconic villain story in comic form making the leap to the “big screen,” and the other with a long-standing question from fans surrounding a cinematic version finally being answered.  Read on to learn more!



The Ghostbusters reboot is currently underway. Director Paul Feig has been keeping the public informed on all the changes that are occurring as of late, creating a lot of controversy through the pre-production progression. With original cast members split on the project (Bill Murray being all for it, and Ernie Hudson being against the sassy girl-power remake), the line of demarcation couldn’t be any more noticeable.

Now, the news just in, is that Feig wants to make a hard reboot with real scares as well as the all girl-power humor – all whilst retaining the coveted PG13 rating. Feig talks of his plans in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, and it might have fans of the original banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall, or taking to their keyboards to hurl all kinds of profanity-ridden-abuse towards the Bridesmaids filmmaker. (more…)


Hey, remember when Terminator movies were Rated-R? Shut up nerd! This is the real world, and in the real world, when you splurge hundreds of millions on a franchise, you buttress your investment by going for the widest possible return, and that means collecting movie tickets from teens wanting to see the movie rather than making them sneak in without an adult. Or to put it another way: Ca-ching! One might have hoped that the team behind Terminator: Genisys might have seen the light, and the failure, after Terminator: Salvation, but nope, they’re doubling down on watering down. Get ready gang, because Genisys is going to be Rated-Arr. You know, since we’re screwing with the Inglash Langwedge. (more…)

Action star and frequent Dungeons & Dragons player (no joke) Vin Diesel has an update on the independently financed Riddick 3 .By way of his Facebook page he writes:

I hear you…

While I was working on character, the Director and his team of artists have been creating the world and style of this picture. We all know how much I enjoy  concept art and storyboards, haha, I am like a kid in a candy shop.

Seeing the early stage of CGI is always fascinating to me, it is a element that  usually comes together long after the filming process, so you look forward to  seeing it fully realized.

First stop for the Riddick production is Canada, which is where we shot a large part of Chronicles…

P.s. I am  grateful to have Universal in such support of this complex character’s  journey… not many studios would back an “R” rating. Very cool.

Back in May, Diesel had said that he would have to work for scale upfront if the  film was to carry an R rating and he agreed:

However, there is a catch…in order  for us to make a true R-rated film, I must work for scale upfront. Not unlike the Find me Guilty experience (which I wouldn’t have changed for the world).  Money is always second to art, integrity and spirit…but the real issue is  deeper. Can I suspend my life, to momentarily venture to that dark  place…called Riddick. Now, I need to hear from Our collective…you.


The 1986 cult-film classic Highlander spawned television spin-offs, sequels, video-games, an animated feature and made star Christopher Lambert a cult hero. After finally putting away the sword and giving up hope on a reboot it looks like it’s time to throw on some Queen and get ready for a new gathering. A head decapitating reboot is on it’s way. Settle your excitement. While a new and fresh take on the adventures of Connor Macleod would be awesome, it looks like it might be ‘sparkling’ in the sunlight by the time the script is done.

A sparkling script?

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that ‘Twilight’ screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg would be joining director Justin Lin, as well as producers Neil Moritz and Peter Davis to rework the script. The script itself is currently being worked on by screenwriters Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Sellek Wibberley in the interim. The deal itself isn’t finalized as of yet but Rosenberg is nearing a deal to become part of the clan very soon. If Melissa does become part of the franchise you might as well cut your own head off ’cause if you’ve even seen one Twilight movie you’ve seen them all.

When Summit first had interest in remaking Highlander they described their take on it as:

Summit’s film will expand on the original HIGHLANDER’s core mythology of immortals battling amongst us, hunting each other through the ages by tapping its newly minted creative team to take its re-imagination to new heights. Plans call for the re-imagination to spur a new franchise for the studio.

Worst case scenario were gonna see the role of Macleod filled by an 18 year old actor that’s been in the gym for six months prior. The swords would be updated to be more transportable and compact but worst of all it could get turned into a teenage girls movie. The original Highlander was an R rated movie for a reason, violence and blood. If Rosenberg gets her sparkly freaking mitts on this man’s man of a movie we might as well start the boycotting of it now.

Do you really wanna see another Twilight? Only with sparkling swords instead of vampires and werewolves.Hell No!

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